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Perfumes that last all-day

There is no doubt that men and women love fragrances, but how difficult is it to find perfumes that last all day? Whether looking for a fragrance to wear for a wedding, a day at work, or sightseeing, we all want a scent that will last the day.

Very few designer and expensive perfumes and aftershaves will last for 8 hours, so there is the need to re-apply at some point during the day.

Not everyone wants to carry a bottle of their favourite around with them.

This is especially true if your taste in perfume includes a designer bottle that is more fitting for your bedside table than your handbag or briefcase.

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Perfumes that last all day

We are often drawn to a designer bottle before we try the scent, and the celebrity behind a fragrance will also influence our purchases.

Another factor alongside a perfume that lasts all day is the cost. Many of us have expensive taste in fragrances, but not always the budget that goes with it.

Welcome to FM World- affordable fragrances

Perfumes that last all day

Buy FM PURE no.9

This is where FM World perfume bottles for men, women, and unisex scents come into play. With a vast selection of scents that suit any budget and inspiration from the designer perfumes we see on the shelf and online today, it’s little surprise why so many people buy their next bottle from a successful company.

FM WORLD knows just what their customers are looking for in a fragrance.

■ Affordability

■ Longevity

■ Gorgeous scents

■ Matching products

Have you noticed that we don’t have fancy-design bottles?

Perfumes that last all day

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FM WORLD knows it doesn’t need to create a flashy, glitzy designer bottle to sell its fragrances.

Simplicity and a scent with beautiful notes are essential to suit anyone, including children.

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Why is FM perfume so popular?

First of all, FM has created perfumes in simplistic bottles, as we know that the customer wears the scent, not the bottle.

Perfumes that smell expensive

Secondly, the company has no celebrity endorsers, TV advertisers, or sales reps in-store, as its products can only be purchased through a distributor or preferred customer. More details about that later.

They have created perfumes that contain 20% perfume.

When we look at designer bottles, we most often purchase a bottle of eau de toilette.

Purchasing a bottle of pure perfume with a designer label could cost around £100-£350 ($112-$393).

This will also depend on who the designer is.

Many designer fragrances are diluted, whereas FM perfumes use pure oil.

Using pure perfume oil

FM can afford to use pure oil because, as mentioned above, they don’t use endorsements or advertise anywhere, so they are not paying for these external sources. This is a very savvy way of creating perfumes and aftershaves.

FM bottles are numbered.

The bottles are still elegant, there is no doubt, and instead of having a name on each bottle, FM uses numbers for each of their perfumes.

Customers know that if they purchase a bottle of FM perfume, they will have a scent that lasts around eight hours if they buy a bottle from the PURE range.

A great benefit to these perfumes is that a selection comes with an INTENSE range.

Perfumes that last all day

Did you know that FM also creates pheromones?

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The INTENSE range means that the perfume oil is 30% instead of 20%.

With a higher rate of perfume oil, you will most certainly enjoy a long-lasting perfume for men and women, as the scent will last around 10 hours.

In today’s world, money is a big problem for many, and shoppers see buying perfumes as luxury, costly, high-end brands.

10% OFF At Orders $50 & Up

This is another reason FM has created beautiful fragrances that everyone can afford.

A range of sizes makes it a better and affordable option for many. There are 100ml, 50ml and 15ml bottles.

Women love perfumes that fit neatly in their handbags and are small enough to take on a plane for a holiday.

With such a vast collection, it’s little surprise that both women and men have fallen in love with FM fragrances’ gorgeous scents.

Many have heard of the fragrance wheel, which is used when we want to try a new scent but aren’t sure what type to try.

Looking at the fragrance family helps to narrow down our choices.

Perfumes are based on different fragrance notes, and when we combine similar notes, it becomes more likely that the scents smell identical to other perfumes on the market.

We have previously discussed designer perfumes and FM fragrances and their similarities here, so we know that FM does not have copycat perfumes.

How to save more money on your fragrances

FM allows everyone from all over the world to join the company for FREE! Many companies, such as Avon, Arbonne, or Scentsy, have a registration fee. Something that not everyone wants to pay out, especially if it turns out that the company isn’t a fit for you.

Perfumes that last all day

Signing up as a preferred customer:

Anyone over 16 can sign up, and the link for those who live in the UK is here. If you are interested in signing up and living outside of the UK, please comment below, and I will assist you with signing up in your country. We have offices all over the world.

The benefits of signing up:

You are saving up to 33% on selected products in the catalogue to use for yourself or to sell to someone else. Friends and family gift ideas can be purchased from your account; every product you buy will give you points. The more products you purchase for yourself or sell to others, the more commission you can potentially earn.


Signing up as a distributor:

Working similarly to a preferred customer, the added benefit of signing up as a distributor is the opportunity to build a team while purchasing the products at a discounted price.

You still earn points and commission; your team’s points go into your group points and their accounts.

Are you a pyramid scheme?

No. Besides illegal pyramid schemes, let me explain why all businesses are pyramids. Below, you will see a pyramid structure.

Perfumes that last all day

Most businesses will have this structure—big companies such as McDonald’s, Boots, M&S, and Wilkinson. Everyone starts at the bottom of a pyramid, and some employees work up to the top to become managers. We all have our journey when we begin a new job and reach different levels at different times in our business.

The same goes for Network Marketing. We all start at the bottom and build our structure, and that structure creates its own, and so on.

Perfumes that last all day

Everyone has the potential to earn commission and profit, unlike your 9-5 job, where you get paid regardless of how much work you do. With FM World business, every member is required to do the work to see the results. We have always been taught to look for a job, so we miss opportunities.

Comment below or get in touch if you would enjoy an opportunity to save on your purchases or sell to friends/family and colleagues.

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  • Annamarie

    What an engaging website, I wanted to buy every bottle that you have displayed. I loved how you kept drawing my focus to each product. And , I’m often drawn to how a bottle looks. You did make a comment about 25% is perfume, an I ask what the other 75 %would be?  I like that FM use pure oils.  I did use to help my Mum sell Avon what feels like many centuries ago and it was good to see your comment about earning on Commission..

    • Louise Allen

      Hello Annamarie,

      Thanks for stopping by and reading my article. Most of our perfumes contain 20% pure perfume oil and the rest is alcohol. Our intense range have 30% oil with the rest being alcohol so the scents really so last all day.

      Another good thing about FM is that you don’t have to buy catalogues like companies such as Avon. Personal catalogue links are created for each distributor so that they can be sent with ease and saves the door-dropping approach.

      I’m pleased you enjoyed my website and article.

      Take a look at my post Using perfume correctly to get the most out of your chosen scent.

  • Jessie

    Thank you so much for the informative post on different perfumes that last all day.  To be honest, my girlfriend’s birthday is coming up soon and I need to get her something.  I particularly like the sound of the royal one because I always call her my queen and I think it would be cute.  Out of curiousity, do you think any of these could be shipped to the Philliphines?  That’s where she lives.

    • Louise Allen

      Hello Jessie, thank you for reading my post. Perfumes always make lovely presents especially if you know the kind of fragrance that your girlfriend likes. 

      We don’t ship to the Philippines from the UK, but if you let me know what part of the country you live, I can possibly send you a link to join for FREE and you can purchase the perfumes for your girlfriend an post them to her if your country allows postage of perfumes.

       Another way would be to give a link direct to your girlfriend so that she can order them direct to her home.

      Get in touch if you need further help.

  • Ann

    I have heard several people refer to FM perfumes in the past month. They all mention that their fragrance is good. But I didn’t know they were so affordable.

    I like that FM bottles are numbered. That makes it easier to test several of them. I will give them a try. Thank you!

    • Louise Allen

      Hello Ann, yes very much. There are over 200 perfumes to choose from as well which really opens up the fragrance world and the possibilities of different scents.

      FM has become very popular over the years and the numbers are a great idea. Contact us if you would like to see our latest list of who each perfume is inspired by. Samples are available to try before you buy too.

  • angelce903

    Wow I enjoy perfumes8 Especially when they smell like nature…not like synthetic fragrances we have today. I just also need to see if I want to become a distributor. But I think that I must become a preferred customer before, don’t I? So I can have a first-hand experience with the product. Honestly, you don’t have to spend lots of money to get quality products!

    • Louise Allen

      Hello and thanks for reading my article. 

      FM perfumes are definitely affordable and long lasting and we have a large selection to choose from.

      You can still sign as a distributor to try our the products for yourself. If you want to take it further and build a business, you won’t need to re apply for the same position. If you sign as a preferred customer, you can only buy and sell without building your own team. If you require any help or further assistance, please get back in touch.

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