Please don’t forget me

As we embark on our shopping journeys, let’s take a moment to reflect on the impact of our choices. “Please don’t forget me” will be words spoken by many small businesses that are the lifeblood of our communities, run by passionate individuals who pour their hearts into every product and service they offer. Choosing to support a small business means more than just making a purchase; it’s a vote for uniqueness, personalized attention, and the dreams of entrepreneurs.

Consider the wealth of character and diversity small businesses bring to the marketplace. Each product tells a story, and behind every service is a person dedicated to providing excellence. By choosing to buy from a small business, you contribute to the growth of a dream, the success of a local family, and the vibrancy of your community.

In a world dominated by big corporations, small businesses stand as beacons of individuality and craftsmanship. They offer a personalized touch that is often lost in larger enterprises. So, the next time you need a product or service, pause and explore the offerings of a small business. Your decision to support them goes beyond a transaction – it’s an investment in a unique vision, a celebration of diversity, and a direct contribution to the heartbeat of your community. Together, let’s make a difference, one thoughtful purchase at a time.

Shop online and in-store and purchase from small businesses whenever you can.

Please don't forget me






Please Don’t Forget Me

Please don’t forget me once the shops begin to reopen,

When you couldn’t leave the house the world was feeling broken.

You’ve checked in every day to see my quirky posts,

And liked, loved, and shared the ones that have made you smile the most.

Please don’t forget me when you drive to the shops once more,

Remember when I helped you find the gift you were looking for?

The products that you’ve bought have kept my business running,

So please don’t forget me when you return to normal shopping.

Please don’t forget me when you look to buy a new perfume,

Fragrances are my speciality; I can find the perfect one for you.

I can save you money on your favourite bottle of Spritz,

Our comparison is incredible; it’s why I joined this biz.

Please don’t forget me when you pay for cleaning products at the till,

My company sells these too, saving you money on your bill.

The pink lip gloss and vitamins you’ve just added to your cart,

Delete those online, and give my small business a piece of your heart.

Please don’t forget me when you purchase your tea and coffee,

I have so many for you to choose from, offering variety.

And when you load your car with supermarket bags,

Think of my small business and the impact that this has.

Please don’t forget me when you return to your job in town,

This has been my full-time job since the start of lockdown.

I’ve been truly grateful to you all, for keeping my business moving,

And over the past three months, my little biz has been improving.

Please don’t forget me when life returns to some kind of norm,

Remember all those times I’ve helped you through this storm.

Support your local business and keep me in your thoughts,

Please don’t forget me; that’s all I’m asking for.

©️Copyright Louise Allen

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