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    Network Marketing

    Back in January 2020, I was asked by a fellow hairdresser why I am involved Network Marketing.

    Being a hairdresser would surely keep me busy enough.

    It wasn’t about keeping busy, more about having another source of income. Something else to fall back on.

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    As we get older, the job we currently do may not be suitable in later years and so lugging tools and leaning over clients baths to rinse their hair seemed slightly daunting if I was going to continue my career into my early 70s.


    “Do you do this through choice or more for the money ? Because if it’s the money, then you can just put your prices up and do less clients .”

    An interesting comment and one that I thought about carefully before I answered.

    Network marketing
    Keeping track of daily tasks is essential when running an online business


    I’ve been in hairdressing for over 32 years.

    It’s my passion, I enjoy meeting people, making them look and feel lovely, providing a service and of course it pays my bills, like any job.

    I don’t increase my prices to work less hours. My clients know I work more hours than I should but I love what I do. It’s so important to enjoy the work we do.

    We’re at work for the majorly of our lives so why not do something that you enjoy ?

    I increase my prices yearly due to product price increases, fuel increases  ( we know how much that fluctuates !)  and I keep up to date with my skills.

    Being a member of the FHA, it’s a necessity to keep skills updated and to learn what’s trending. Above all, it’s beneficial for the clients.

    This is what I charge for.

    Network Marketing

    When I first began network marketing, it became a hobby that fitted in with my hairdressing career.

    I soon saw its potential and wanted to create another business.

    To be able to provide another great service and products to my already existing client base, seemed like the perfect solution and one that I was going to look forward to working on.

    Over the years, this has progressed to another business.

    I built up a wonderful community of other friends online who regularly purchase from me and we support one another in each of our ventures.

    It’s so important to support others, whether you work in an office, a shop or within a community, so working online is no different.

    Whist we can’t compete with face to face when working online, it is still possible to get to know customers over time, even when perhaps we never get to met them.

    Network marketing
    Believe in you

    So, my response to my fellow hairdressers question as to why I work with an online company alongside hairdressing was that I do network marketing through choice and the money is only a small part of why I joined.

    We all work for the money whatever job we do but helping others in the process is a big part of working online.

    Network marketing
    A very true statement

    I fell in love with the products that the company provide and I have met some amazing friends, leaders and mentors.

    I also wanted to help others to make money and save money on their shopping.

    When I have someone new join my team, I feel happy, content and want to help them to make the best of their journey with FM.

    There are no short cuts in life, we all have our own reasons for doing what we do and the career choice we make.

    For me, helping others far outweights the money we can potentially earn.

    Perfume is such a popular product for both men and women and I loved the ides that I could save so much money on my own products as well as helping others.

    A definite win-win situation.

    The cost of perfume 

    Since perfume was first created by Chanel we have paid a fortune in designer perfumes and many still do. It’s something that we have all been used to .

    Network marketing
    Coco- a huge name in the perfume world
    Network marketing
    Life is short, do stuff that matters

    If you would like the opportunity to earn an extra income, love wearing fragrances and cosmetics I would love to hear from you.

    Please feel free to drop me an email at admin@fragranceswithlove.com

    or join my team !!

    Any questions, please get in touch

    Network marketing

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    Please don’t forget me

    Please don’t forget me once the shops begin to re open,

    When you couldn’t leave the house and the world was feeling broken,

    You’ve checked in every day to see my quirky posts
    And liked, loved and shared the ones that have made you smile the most.



    Please don’t forget me when you drive to the shops once more
    Remember when i helped you find the gift you were looking for?

    The products that you’ve bought have kept my business running
    So please don’t forget me, when you return to normal shopping.



    Please don’t forget me when you look to buy a new perfume
    Fragrances are my specialty, i can find the perfect one for you,

    I can save you money on your favourite bottle of spritz
    Our comparison is incredible, it’s why I joined this biz.




    Please don’t forget me
    Support local businesses     Earning an extra income




    Please Don’t Forget Me

    Please don’t forget me when you pay for cleaning products at the till
    My company sell these too, we can save you money on your bill,

    The pink lip gloss and vitamins that you’ve just added to your cart
    Delete those online, give my small business a piece of your heart.



    Please don’t forget me when you purchase your tea and coffee
    I have so many for you to choose from, if you like a variety,

    And when you load your car boot up with your supermarket bags
    Think of my small business and the impact that this has.



    Please don’t forget me when you return to your job in town
    This has been my full time job since the start of lockdown,

    I’ve been truly grateful for you all keeping my business moving
    And over the past three months my little biz has been improving.



    Please don’t forget me when life returns to some kind of norm
    Remember all those times that I’ve helped you through this storm,

    Support your local business and keep me in your thoughts

    Please don’t forget me, that’s all I’m asking for.

    ©️Copyright Louise Allen


    Supporting small businesses is vital and if you are a perfume lover, check out the link below for fragrances and products for our four legged friends.

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    Please don’t forget me
    Stationary available for working from home


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    Fear failure fear success

    Fear failure fear success.

    A common phrase and one that many of us have felt.

    Fear failure fear success

    Everyone wants to achieve and be successful in something. It starts from an early age.


    Parents, teachers or even family that are not supportive when we are young will make us carry negative feelings and those feelings carry on through to adulthood.

    The fear of aiming to do something but too scared to in case we fail.

    Without failing at something, we never learn how to succeed.

    After all, success is produced from lots and lots of failures. It’s certainly not a bad thing though because with every failure, we learn something new.

    Each time we learn something new, it’s another step towards succeeding.

    It all comes down to a psychological way of thinking. In order to not fail and feel the negative impact of failure, we simply don’t carry out the task and stay in a comfort zone.

    There is nothing wrong with a comfort zone and it does serves its purpose.

    Sometimes it can be failures from the past but stay in whatever position an adult then finds himself in, they are reminded of that failure from years ago.

    Knowing how it made them feel and the negative impact it caused, keeps them from feeling that way again.

    It’s very easy to avoid something that we are not good at than to attempt to try at it but fear the failure.

    Some people grow up to be perfectionists. Everything has to be right. To avoid anything going wrong they simply avoid situations that they know will put them in an unnerving position.

    There could be a potentially huge opportunity in front of someone, the chance to earn lots of money, to connect with hundreds of people over the world, to meet new friends.

    Yet the voice in the head that tells us we will fail and we won’t be good enough to achieve it, gets in the way.

    How do we know if we will fail, if we never try?


    When I chat to new people, they inevitably ask how long I have been in my network marketing business.

    “7 years” is my reply.

    “Wow….that’s a long time “

    Interesting. Why is it a long time ?

    If you spoke to someone who works at a supermarket and they said that they’d been working there for 7 years, would you say “Wow, that’s a long time “ ?

    No, of course not, so why do we say it in NM ?

    Fear failure fear success

    A passion for fragrances

    People join companies but when they don’t see immediate results, they quit.
    This is usually before their first year.

    Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not the highest earner or team builder- far from it -and the road hasn’t always been smooth but what matters to me is that I have never quit.

    Even on the days when things were tough.

    Fear failure fear success
    Tough times never last-tough people do


    Imagine this scenario. A six-month-old baby begins to teach himself to crawl and spends hours, days, months perfecting the skill.

    Many failures, many attempts, a long time with struggling with the concept, until they do eventually learn to crawl and that progress then leads on to learning to walk.

    Would a baby quit because the struggle was too hard ?

    Would a toddler say ‘This walking isn’t for me. It’s too difficult. I quit” ?

    Fear failure fear success
    Babies and young children are taught the fear of failure.



    When we look at something challenging from a different perspective, it all makes sense.

    If we quit, we only fail ourselves and none of us are born to quit. Just like a baby isn’t born to quit the challenge of crawling and walking. It’s part of learning and growing.

    We would miss the friendships that we could make with like-minded others.

    We all need a daily routine whatever we are doing. Whether its running a business, bringing up a family or supporting others in need.

    I love what I do and the flexibility it gives me but most of all, I love the opportunity I have been given to use our products, meet amazing people and earn money too.

    If you have been looking for a side hustle, love fragrances and helping others, get in touch so we can chat about what help you need in starting your own journey with FM.

    Your new success starts here..

  • Branding,  Perfumes

    Name brand perfumes

    When it comes to name brand perfumes, why are they so expensive?

     Why do we pay so much money ?

    I  remember having a nose in my mums make up bag  when I was younger and there was often a Chanel or Elizabeth Arden lipstick or a L’Oreal mascara.

    Name brand perfumes 

    Of course, when I was young I knew no different with regards to expensive brands.

    To me, it was just a lipstick, or mascara.

    Why was there such a big price tag?

    I was completely unaware of how pricing worked as a youngster.

    It’s not until you look into it deeper, that we learn how prices vary so much depending where you purchase from.

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    This page contains affiliate links. Should you click on a link and make a purchase, I may receive compensation.



    Name brand perfumes
    At Hottperfume.com there are huge savings on your favourite fragrances




    The price of name brand perfume 


    We all see ‘expensive’ in different ways. 

    Some might say that a product is expensive because they can’t afford to buy it, whilst others see it as ‘not worth the price tag’.


    So what makes brands expensive ?


    Whilst one product alone may not break the bank, having several high end items in your make up collection will soon add up.

    We all know just how much money women alone can spend.

    Luxury perfume and make up are two of the top products that women buy.

    When it comes to perfume, a very small percentage is the actual cost of the smell.

    The majority of what we are paying for is the cost of the packaging, marketing and advertising of the product.

    After all, if the perfume isn’t advertised then no one will actually know about it to purchase in the first place.


    Women will often purchase known brands, therefore they are paying not just for the product, but the marketing, the brand name and prestige that comes with such names.

     The power of branding     


    Just like a bottle of Chanel perfume, no one sees your lipstick container or it’s brand name. It sits in your handbag until used.

    At FM we sell less expensive make up, just like our fragrances and just like the designers, we never compromise on the quality either.

    We don’t need to advertise on tv.

    There are millions of distributors around the world, like myself.

    We speak to friends/family and work colleagues about our fragrances and the fact that we can save customers money by buying an alternative bottle.


    Chanel No.5 perfume history


    Name brand perfumes
    Designer perfumes have always been expensive


    We are a cruelty free company and affordable.


    Contact me for any info. I’d love to help with any queries.

    Name brand perfumes
    Branded products with big price differences

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    Small businesses

    Small businesses are a big deal these days.

    We’ve all been into a Superdrug/Boots store, both men and women.

    We’ve purchased make up, hair products, skin care and perhaps even perfumes/aftershaves.

    I was always one for heading to the Rimmel make up section for the latest trends.

    It’s an easy option to pop to the shops. Many have something to suit everyone and we’re in and out in no time.

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    A diary is essential to a small business

    Small businesses versus the big stores

    Stores like these are an easy go-to place for such items. Pick off the shelf, pay at the counter and off we go. The type of shop that usually sees more women as they look around and walk up and down the isles.

    shops like this already have the trust in their buyer, just like the supermarkets.

    No one checks the reviews of these shops because they are so huge and in every town that they don’t require it. They’re trusted from day one.

    Small businesses
    Big businesses can often overwhelm the small online shops

    Money didn’t matter

    Prices varied depending on the brands we purchased but we still made a purchase because such items were needed/wanted.

    Many supermarkets started selling make up and fragrances along with food and this made shopping for such items even easier to purchase.

    What about small businesses ?

    Did you know that FM sell all of these everyday products too ?

    Starting out as just a perfume company back in 2004, FM saw a huge potential in introducing cosmetics alongside their popular fragrances.

    So why do small businesses struggling to get noticed?


    Many people choose high street brands over a small company brand because:

    1) You can buy all that you need on your usual shopping trip without the need to go into lots of different shops

    2) There is no waiting at home for a delivery

    3) The big stores are well known and trusted so customers are more likely to shop there

    But what we don’t get when we purchase from such shops is the personal care.

    “How are you getting on with your new shampoo ?”

    “ Can i help you choose a new fragrance ?”

    “You mentioned that your skin is very dry, I may have a product that could help with that “

    These little touches are what make small businesses unique and stand out from the bigger stores.


    Think before you purchase



    The next time you visit a beauty store or supermarket, before you pick up your usual foundation, shampoo, face cream or deodorant, ask yourself  if someone running a small business can help with your purchase.

    At FM we know how important customer care is and by providing a personal service to find the perfect fragrance for customer, it keeps them coming back.

    Not only for the great products but also the help in finding a perfume or aftershave that is right for them.




    Small businesses
    Fm fragrances sell perfume for men and women

    We know that the big stores will always survive, even through a huge pandemic. Customers will forever be visiting shops in small towns, large towns and cities. 

    Small businesses are constantly fighting for survival. It takes time to build trust when people choose to set up business on their own.

    We’re not as popular as the known shops but we’re still here to assist.

    To help us, please let us help you.There’s room for everyone.


    Small businesses are the lifeblood of our economy and essential contributors to the fabric of our communities. They bring innovation, creativity, and personalized customer service that sets them apart from larger corporations.

    Fragrances With Love is a prime example of a small business that has successfully carved out a niche in the fragrance industry.

    Throughout this article, we have explored the journey of Fragrances With Love, from its humble beginnings to its growth and success. This small business has showcased resilience, adaptability, and a deep passion for their craft. By prioritizing quality, authenticity, and a personalized touch, we have been able to build a loyal customer base and establish ourselves as a trusted brand.

    The challenges faced by small businesses are not to be underestimated, especially in an increasingly competitive and rapidly evolving market.

    However, Fragrances With Love has shown that with determination, a strong business model, and a dedication to their customers, it is possible to thrive even in the face of adversity.

    Supporting small businesses is crucial for the overall well-being of our communities. By choosing to shop local, we not only contribute to the growth and success of these enterprises but also promote economic diversity and sustainability.

    Furthermore, small businesses often provide employment opportunities and help create a sense of community.

    As consumers, we have the power to make a difference by consciously supporting small businesses and the entrepreneurs behind them. By opting for unique, high-quality products and personalized experiences, we not only enrich our lives but also enable these businesses to continue pursuing their dreams and aspirations.

    In a world dominated by big corporations, it is essential to recognize and appreciate the value that small businesses bring to our lives.

    They are the heart and soul of our economy, adding flavor, character, and authenticity to our shopping experiences. We serve as a shining example of what small businesses can achieve, and our story should inspire others to actively support and celebrate these local enterprises in our communities.

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