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    Choosing the right perfume

    Choosing the right perfume. We all wear different perfume and it is a reflection of our personality.

    As discussed in my previous post Fragrance scents , perfume will sit and have a different scent on everyone as our skin is unique.


    Some of us may use a body lotion before applying perfume, some may have a shower before applying perfume, some may have very dry skin before applying perfume.



    All of these factors will make a fragrance scent smell different on each and every one of us.

    Choosing the right perfume
    The fragrance family wheel

    Choosing the right perfume -Every perfume created will consist of ‘notes’.


    1. FLoral
    2. Fresh
    3. Oriental
    4. Woody



    Within each of these fragrance families there will be sub fragrances.

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    Fragrance FM number 21 contains floral, fruity and citrus notes. Possibly one of the most popular fragrance families when it comes to women’s perfume.


    With perfumes that contains fresh notes, theses will consist of floral, soft floral and floral Oriental notes.

    FM 33 perfume contains lemon, fruity, orange and mandarin notes. For those who still like a sweet scent with an added hint of freshness.



    Another popular fragrance is the FM 32 , which consists of oriental notes. A mixture of floral, fruity, wood, spice, ambergris and vanilla notes.

    Some fragrances that contain a lot of vanilla scent can be a little overpowering so find a fragrance that has a softer scent if you’re not a lover of very sweet perfumes.


    Sitting in the unisex category, FM 924, is a  hugely popular fragrance consisting of woody notes. There will be a hint of floral, fruity and oriental notes within these fragrances.

    A nice balance for both men and women to enjoy. Not too masculine for the  ladies to wear or too feminine for the men.


    Men and women’s perfume

    Men’s and women’s notes will differ. Men’s scents often have a musk scent to them or woody which makes their fragrance more masculine.

    Some men’s scents will have hints of flower too. Some of the Tom Ford fragrances have fruity, floral, citrus and woody notes but they still smell masculine.

    Women’s fragrances will often have a touch of floral, fruity and flower scent.There are many women that actually prefer to wear a man’s fragrance and can carry it off well.

    When we choose the right perfume concentration

    We’ve all seen in the shops or online when we have purchased a fragrance that they come with four different concentrations.



    • Parfum- the strongest fragrance and often the most expensive to purchase
    •  Eau de parfum- most designer fragrances will have this percentage of perfume in their fragrance
    • eau de toilette- this strength of fragrance will need to be applied throughout the day to keep the scent fresh

    Eau de cologne- a very delicate and light fragrance for men