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What perfume did Queen Elizabeth wear?

Our late Queen certainly had good taste in colours with her outfits, handbags and style of jewellery but what perfume did Queen Elizabeth wear?

Everyone has their own unique scent and favourite aroma when it comes to perfume. Many have a signature scent that reminds everyone around them of their presence.

What perfume did Queen Elizabeth wear

Our late Sovereign never needed a particular scent to stand out or be noticed as her presence in this world was by far the greatest in the world.

Nether the less, the Queen wanted to wear a scent for all of her duties and events that she attended so let’s take a look at what perfume our beloved Queen wore.

According to Vogue Magazine, one of Queen Elizabeth’s favourite scents was Guerlain L’Heare Bleue. A scent that was first created way back in 1912.

Surprisingly not as expensive as we may think either.

Around $126.00/£108.00 from their website is a pretty reasonable price some may say, especially for someone as high profile as Her Majesty.

Other places such as eBay will have a variety of prices so it’s worth taking a look.

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Take a look on eBay for Guerlain L’Heare perfume 

We almost see a touch of royal with the shape of this perfume bottle which was designed by Raymond Guerlain. The soft top edges almost look like a scroll, used by the ancient Greeks and with a hollowed heart as its stopper, it gives a sense of royalty and romance.

Another ‘royal’ look also shows with the blue circled label in the centre of the bottle. Some might say that it is a very fitting scent for our Queen to be wearing too when we learn of the fragrance notes behind this scent.

Top notes: Aniseed, bergamot

Heart notes: Tuberose, carnation, violet, rose and Neroli.

Base notes: Tonka bean, iris, benzoin and vanilla.

Take a look at the heart notes in particular with this scent. What a wonderful combination of flowers and those that very much speak volumes when it comes to royalty.

Quite fitting also that L’Heure Bleuemarks the meeting of two soulmates destined to become one in the frisson of eternity “-Guerlain.com

What perfume did Queen Elizabeth wear

With iris being one of the most expensive and admired fragrance ingredients, it’s easy to learn why this perfume is fit for a Queen and is the key ingredient in this bottle.

What perfume did Queen Elizabeth wear
Iris scent makes its mark in the Queens favourite perfumes

The top notes give a distinctive smell of aniseed with a fresh scent of bergamot – a beautiful combination of floral, citrus and tangy notes. The base notes are rich and warm in toasted almonds, vanilla, nutty, cinnamon and spicy scents







Three stages of perfume notes


We know that perfume goes through three stages when it is worn on the skin and we instantly smell the top notes of any perfume.

These will be the notes that hit us instantly as soon as we spray our scent. They are our first impression of a fragrance and the first to leave your skin.

Top notes are often fresh, citrus and refreshing and once they calm down, usually around 5 minutes of being on the skin, we then smell a selection of heart notes.

The heart notes of a scent are the main centrepiece of a perfume and the notes we smell tend to linger between 6-8 hours after it has been sprayed.

As these notes last a longer time than the top notes, they usually have a floral and woody scent that lingers.

Once those heart notes have settled down, we then appreciate the base notes and these are the notes that stay for the rest of the duration of the perfume.

Alongside the heart notes, the base notes are also the scents that those around us will continuously smell.

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Base notes are the foundation of perfume and almost the lasting scent and impression.

These notes are the ones that others will remember you by, bring back fond memories and add fullness and depth to your scent.

Often base notes are woody, with a delicate fragrance of musk and are the longer lasting within your chosen perfume.

If you purchase a perfume or aftershave that contains 20% perfume oil, such as FM World fragrances, you will have a lasting scent for perhaps longer than 8 hours.

This also depends on your skin type too.

Depending on what strength perfume you have purchased, whether it be an eau de toilette, eau de perfume or perfume can also determine how long the fragrance lasts.

Another favourite scent for the Queen

Another popular choice of perfume that the Queen has been known to wear and affordable too is White Rose by Floris, created by Mr John Floris in the early 1800s.

A scent that has also been worn by Florence Nightingale and is cruelty-free.

This more simplistic design of bottle will set you back around $145.00/£80.00 so within many a perfume lovers budget.

This bottle too, shows that the Queen does have a favourite when it comes to particular fragrance notes.

Fragrances notes in White Rose by Floris


Top notes: Aldehydic green and carnation

Heart notes: Iris, rose, jasmine and violet

Base notes: Amber, musk, and powdery notes

  • As one might expect with a name like White Rose, this fragrance is a fairly lightweight scent that doesn’t overpower and lasts for around 9 hours.

White Rose by Floris 

What perfume did Queen Elizabeth we

It brings a sense of bouquet flowers with its soft choice of aroma. Another scent that has iris notes that are balanced out well with the amber and musk.

Our Queen had great taste when it came to perfume. Classy scents to match her classic dress sense.

Have you ever tried these perfumes that the Queen has worn? Let me know below. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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  • Alisa

    The choice of perfume is something that really says a lot about a person. And I’m not talking about how much the perfume costs, of course. Prices are completely secondary, if not tertiary.  I can tell that from my own experience. When I observe people around me, based on the perfume they use (I don’t need to know the name, just smell it), I can tell if that perfume is completely for that person or if they chose it for some other reasons. It can be because they are guided by the idea of others about themselves, or because they want to be liked by someone who likes that perfume, or they just want people to have a different opinion about them. There is a secret connection between the choice of perfume and psychology. Also, when I look at myself, for a while I couldn’t understand why I always had the need to have at least 3 different perfumes in circulation. Now I know that’s how it is with everything in my life. I’m always working on at least 3 different projects, I always have at least 3 completely different duties during the day, etc. The only thing is that my partner is always the same person, but even my partner is also constantly changing so I can tell that even that part is dynamic. 🤣

    • Louise Allen

      Hi Alisa,

      Yes we are very much influenced by our surroundings and the reason for wearing certain scents. I have about 5 different perfumes currently that I wear depending on the weather or what work I am doing that day.

      It’s great that there are perfumes available nowadays too that are more affordable and therefore we can have more of a choice. I love the face that Her Royal Highness wore scents that were very much a reflection of her personality.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  • Jannette

    When thinking and learning about Queen Elizabeth, never forget about the perfume she loved so much and wore at almost every public engagement. The Queen was truly a graceful woman, as everyone she learned about, even down to her perfume. I really enjoyed learning this about the Queen, and it is always appreciated when someone shares their knowledge with history buffs like me.

    • Louise Allen

      Thank you Janette,

      Yes our Queen was such a gracious woman and she wore her perfume with pride, along with her wonderfully colourful outfits. I’m pleased that you enjoyed reading my article. It was something that I very much enjoyed writing about and learning about too. The fragrance notes in the Queen’s perfumes sound a gorgeous combination and suitable for all of her occasions. 

  • Toplink

    Comparing perfume to music is sweet and the sovereign Queen will be hard to replace regardless of the perfume she wore. Top note perfumes are like first impressions; they can really keep you breathless. Heart notes follow causing emotions to linger and to flow. Just when you are wanting more along comes the base notes and really keeps your attention. No wonder that perform is something like love and our princess turns out to be the Queen! Men feels that perfumes are dependent upon what his women enjoys. Most men do not feel that perfume influences who they are. It seems that women are more receptive to smells and men should care about what they are projecting. Honestly speaking a man lets the lady buy the perfume because if she chooses the smell he knows that this will please his Queen.


    • Louise Allen

      Absolutely agree that our Queen will hard to replace in every aspect. I love the fact that she used to wear perfume that was reasonably priced for others to be able to afford to buy if they liked the scent. Women will often purchase a scent more for the men in their lives than the other way around yes.

      Perfume can be such a hard product to purchase for someone unless you really know what scent and fragrance notes they like.

      Thanks for sharing your views.

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