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Candle advent calendar

Christmas approaches yet again as 2023 draws to the end and we start to look for gifts for loved ones- a popular choice for Christmas of late is the candle advent calendar. As previously discussed in my article Perfume Advent Calendar, we already know just how popular these calendars are.

Candle advent calendar
The streets of London in the UK are always bustling at this time of year photo©️

It has become a tradition for many years to purchase one to count the days down before Christmas, especially for children. There was always something magical about opening a window each morning to see which chocolate was inside. With the excitement of getting nearer to the number 24 window which was always bigger than the rest and had a larger chocolate inside to enjoy.

Candle advent calendar

The days seem to have passed for the chocolate variety, although they are still widely available for everyone and especially catered more for young children with their different cartoon designs to encourage a purchase.

Nowadays, the market has made room for a unique and elegant choice with gifts hidden behind each window instead of the traditional chocolate.

Candle advent calendar

As much as we all love a treat of chocolate from the 1st to the 24th of December, as we get older, we are keen for different things and there are so many ideas that companies put behind their Advent windows. Very inspirational in fact.

There are gifts behind each window that will be suited to anyone no matter what age or gender and we are spoilt for choice with the selection.


Ideal for the females in the family who love a selection of make-up items to add to their collection. Women and teenagers can never have too much make-up.


These have been very popular over the past few years and most will have a small sample behind each window and a full bottle of perfume behind window number 24.

Candle advent calendar
Perfume samples from FM World Photo ©️

FM World has customised gift boxes that can be created especially with your loved one in mind.

The Gift Box contains a Pure Royal 50 ml of your choice – a Pure Royal Antiperspirant Stick of your choice – and a pure Royal Solid Perfume Stick of your choice – Small Gift Box.

Candle advent calendar

Take a look at our video here.


Most of us get a skincare product of some kind within our Christmas gifts so to have a mini selection in your calendar is a great idea and ideal to take away for travelling too.

Baby items

Perfect for any new mums that have a newborn around Christmas time. These calendars contain essential items for babies and will be essential for mum and baby and put to good use.


If you have a child or children who love Lego as much as my children did when they were younger, this one is a great option. Children learn so much through Lego play, including motor skills and being creative with their building.

Fidget toys

Many children today of all ages are known to have fidget toys as part of their everyday lives, especially suited and created for those on the spectrum so a calendar with a big selection behind each window is sure to light up their faces. These gadgets are colourful, and calming and keep the user focused.


Another perfect gift for men as we know how difficult it can be to buy. No more walking endlessly around the stores or searching online for a gift that could be a hit or miss to whether the men will like what’s been bought for them.


Not many will refuse an advent calendar with small bottles of wine behind. Although not a drinker myself, I know a few family members who would love this style as a gift.


Biscuits are always popular at Christmas and many families will buy the traditional tin so if you have any biscuits lovers that would appreciate this as a gift, then definitely look into buying one.


I love jam. Children love jars of jam along with many adults. A little pot of different-flavoured jam sounds like a great treat behind each window.


Another food that’s been known as a popular tradition at Christmas is the assortment of cheeses that we purchase in the supermarkets before the big day. The great thing about many cheeses is that they have a reasonable shelf life.

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These styles of advent calendars are more expensive than the chocolate variety as you would expect but when we see what we get when each advent window is opened, it’s worth the money spent.

Candle advent calendar

Many companies have created a Christmas calendar for this year, one of them being the Yankee company. We know that Yankee candles are already popular in their own right, by the quality, burn time and scent they produce.

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The Yankee advent calendar contains 24 tea light candles and holder and has eight festive scents.

We all love a festive fragrance that makes the home feel warm and cosy. Cinnamon, spices, nutmeg and orange all have a winter feel and set the atmosphere for Christmas time.

Candle advent calendar

Looking for a festive and aromatic Christmas gift? Check out the Starlytes Advent Christmas calendar, which comes with 24 scented tea lights and a holder. This gift is perfect for anyone who loves the warm and cosy atmosphere of the holiday season.

Christmas advent calendars

Octagon Chrismas calender 

Gift your loved ones a Yankee Candle Advent Calendar Book with Christmas votive scented candles. This gift set is perfect to set the holiday mood.

Liberty Candle Advent Calendar – 24 Piece Candle Calendar – Christmas Gift Set

Within each window of this design, you will receive 24 festive candles, 12 votives, 12 tea lights and a votive holder with 18 beautiful winter scents.

A delightful gift box that would make a wonderful gift for someone or even as a treat for yourself. The box opens just like a book and won’t look out of place on the mantlepiece or coffee table.

Candle advent calendar

Liberty advent calendar

One thing is for sure that these have to be purchased in good time as they sell out fast and it’s of little surprise with how popular they are.

If you would like some information on the customised gift sets that FM World create, please get in touch.

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Another lovely idea for Christmas advent calendars is those that contain wax melts. These have become very popular over recent years.

Luxury Soy Wax Melts Advent Calendar with 24 Fragrances, Menu Card, and Free P&P

Candle advent Calendar


  • Michel Maling

    You have given some wonderful ideas for advent calendars. I especially like the idea of the Lego one. I am going to do one for my nephew, as this will be a fun way to build his Lego collection. 
    Cheese is also a great idea, but can you recommend some long lasting cheeses, as I don’t think cheddar will cut it unless the calendar is kept in the fridge. 
    The candle ones at the end of your post are also lovely and might suit my teenaged daughter, although who still doesn’t enjoy a chocolate one. 

    • Louise Allen

      Hi Michel,

      Thank you. I love these ideas and there are so many great varieties. The Lego idea is great!

      Everyone loves Lego, young and old. Many of the cheese calendars will come with suitable cheeses to sustain being left on the side and I’ve read that they tend to use mature cheddar.

      I’m a huge lover of candles and there is a wonderful variety online for these.

      Happy shopping and I hope your nephew likes his Lego calendar!

  • Larry

    I would never have dreamed there were this many different kinds of Advent calendars. I’ve only seen the simple ones, I guess. Great article, the candles are wonderful. I can imagine sitting with my wife enjoying the light and scent of each candle while sipping on a cup of hot herbal tea. Have you ever seen an Advent calendar with different teas for each night?

    • Louise Allen

      Hi Larry,
      Thank you for reading my article. It’s surprising just how many different types of advent calendar there are available these days.Certainly a great selection to suit everyone, whatever age.

      There are herbal tea calendars available and you can take a look on Ebay for a great herbal advent!

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