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    Perfume advent calendar

    The perfume advent calendar has become a popular alternative to the chocolate advent calendar.

    Every year there are companies who create advent calendars. Woolworths, Superdrug and Sainsbury’s to name a few.

    The shops design would normally consist of chocolate behind each window with each number sealed with a perforated edge.

    Every child at Christmas would open each window to gain the chocolate behind the foil.

    Twenty four windows to open with a small chocolate inside and then behind window number 24, would be the largest chocolate.



    Perfume advent calendar
    The ever so popular advent calendars containing chocolate treats

    Chocolate advent calendar

    As a child, this was always an excitement at the beginning of December.

    Growing up, we find ourselves still excited to get a chocolate advent calendar.

    In our house, we have one each for our boys and one to share between myself and my husband.

    As my birthday landed on an even number during December, I always opened the even numbers so that I had a chocolate to eat on my birthday.

    This was how I remember Xmas back in the 1970’s and 1980’s.

    Modern advent calendar