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Beauty and perfumes

Beauty and perfumes have always gone together. Like hand and glove. Dating back to around 7000BC.

The beauty and the perfume industry has and will always be huge all over the world.

Since the creation of Chanel , the perfume industry has been phenomenal.

Sales are consistent, even more so when Christmas approaches as loved ones dash around the shops and search online to purchase a bottle of their favourite perfume.


Beauty and perfumes
Make up has always been a popular purchase to look and feel good about ourselves
Beauty and perfumes
Capturing a unique fragrance can be hard but FM fragrances allow you to try over 200 with our samples


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Beauty and Perfumes

Perfume and make up have often been a hard gift to purchase for someone else. Everyone likes different types and scents.

When it comes to friends/family, and what they like in fragrances and cosmetics,it is very much a personal choice.

With such a variety of make up and fragrances, it can be a minefield trying to find the perfect gift and keep it a secret. Not so easy if we have to ask what product they like best.

It’s great when mum/sister/friend has a perfume that they consistently wear and won’t try anything else. We buy the same again. No disappointment on either side.

Most will head online these days for such purchases, like Ebay.

Affiliate disclosure

This page contains affiliate links. Should you click on a link and make a purchase, I may receive compensation. 


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It’s quick, easy and often more affordable than buying from the stores.

So what happens when someone buys a fragrance that they don’t like ? Do they  wear it anyway or leave it in the draw to eventually expire ?

I’ve left it in my bedroom cupboard when I’ve had a perfume that doesn’t suit.



The same could go for make up.

It’s tempting to purchase a new eye shadow palette with the colours of the rainbow.

If purchasing for someone who either doesn’t wear much make up or prefers more subtle colours, then it’s a waste of money. No one likes to waste money.

Once again the ‘perfect’ gift gets put away in the drawer.

One of the great things about such purchases these days is that with perfume, we can purchase small samples before we buy a big 50ml bottle.

But what about when it comes to make up?

Fortunately, there are several companies, including FM Cosmetics  where we can buy single individual pots and wear your favourite.


Beauty and perfumes
Single shimmer eye shadow by FM Cosmetics



A great idea that saves us money on buying a palette that has just two or three of our favourite colours and the rest of the palette gets left untouched.


Beauty and perfumes
Three available colours with FM Cosmetics eye shadows


Everyone loves to save money and companies certainly do have the customers interests at heart when they created cosmetics and perfumes.

When make up is unique to every woman, they want to be able to give them the opportunity to use all of their cosmetic item that they have.

Growing up with make up

As a youngster, i had a make up bag that consisted of every eyeshadow, lipgloss and mascara and we do tend to have ur favourites that we go back to.

If we emptied our make up bag on the table and actually picked our the items we use on a regular basis, there would be almost half of the products that were either never used.

Some may have been a favourite but got replaced with the latest lipstick or blusher.


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Beauty and perfumes

Rimmel lasting lipsticks are hugely popular




Beauty and perfumes

Rimmel Natural Bronzer– a must-have for the summer season with a selection of colours to choose from.


These days, we can afford to buy just what we need and with such a variety of fragrances that keep on growing every year, we really are spoilt for choice.

It makes it harder when it comes to purchasing for a birthday/ Christmas gift, or simply treating ourselves.

Let’s face it ladies, you do love to treat yourselves and why not!


I’d love to hear your thoughts on what brand of cosmetics you purchase or what your current perfume is. Comment below or get in touch 

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