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The Best Summer Fragrances For Men

Men love a fragrance just as much as women, so what are the best summer fragrances for men? It’s not surprising that many women prefer to wear a male fragrance.

There is such a great range of gorgeous male scents available and popular summer scents are full of fresh, aquatic and citrus vibes. The males take just as much care in their appearance as women and some of the fragrance notes in male products are real head turners.

The best summer fragrances for men

Travelling light

Men prefer to travel light when going on their holidays. Much more than the women. We feel the need to take most of the wardrobe and every pair of shoes we own, to match our evening outfits.

A couple of pairs of shorts, a few tops and one pair of shoes seem to suit the men perfectly. Having a partner who travels light certainly has its advantages. More space in the suitcase for us ladies to fill those gaps with even more outfits and shoes!

We do leave a small space for their favourite fragrance though and it’s usually one that the woman has chosen!

Well, if we are spending a 2-week holiday together it’s important to make sure that our fellas have the best smelling fragrance to wear.

Men are more likely to buy a fragrance last minute in Duty-Free. This inevitably leads to them purchasing a female one for their partner too. There’s no escape lads!



The best summer fragrances for men

When we think of fragrance notes for men for summer wear, similar to female scents, we think of delicate aquatic notes. A touch of citrus such as oranges, lemons or lime.

The same rule applies so nothing too heavy for the hot weather. Anything that reminds us of sandy beaches, cocktails and crashing waves is perfect.

Let’s take a look at some of the best summer fragrances for men.

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1. Giorgio Armani- Aqua Di Gio

This gorgeous fragrance sits in the citrus family. With a wonderful combination of pineapple, lemon, peach, musk, sandalwood, cedar and ylang ylang, it’s easy to see why this fragrance is hugely popular for men.






2. Creed-Aventus

This male scent is perfect all year round with pineapple, blackcurrant, bergamot and apple as its top notes, it’s easy to see why it’s ideal for summer. A wonderful bottle of freshness to try.

Having base notes of vanilla, ambergris and oak moss makes it a suitable scent that can be worn for any occasion and season. It’s a very masculine scent and a popular choice for many males.

Creed Aventus Aftershave for Men


3. Dior- Savage

Dior Savage has become very popular over the last few years and is another fragrance that suits most seasons.

With notes of pepper, lavender, patchouli and bergamot, Savage is ideal for the evening meal whilst away. It’s also a good scent to wear whilst chilling on the beach or sitting at a taverna drinking cocktails.

It carries its freshness well and is often worn as a signature fragrance because it is suitable for all year round.









4. Kenzo- Pour Homme

Kenzo Pour Homme works well as a summer fragrance with top notes of seaweed, mahogany and bergamot. There’s a real feel of freshness and the seaweed gives it that edge of saltiness.

Once the top notes have worn off and you are left with the middle and base notes of sage, Jasmine, patchouli, ambergris, cedar and oak moss, this fragrance pops a floral scent. One of the very versatile fragrances that would suit you perfectly for daytime wear while you are enjoying your holiday.

Pheromones Attract at
The best summer fragrances for men
Kenzo-Pour Homme on ebay

5. Dolce & Gabbana- Light Blue


If you love strong fruit flavours then D&C Light Blue is a great choice this summer. There’s a wonderful scent on holidays with the fragrance notes as we smell grapefruit, Sicilian mandarin, rosemary, rosewood and musk. Any fragrance that contains musk has my vote. It’s such a light and delicate scent that works well for summer as it’s not too powerful or heavy.

It has a sharpness to it that works so well during the hot months. If you’re buying this fragrance for your holidays, it’s worth noting that it can wear off fairly quickly so may not be suitable for a lasting scent during the evening. Perfect for a spritz by the pool or dipping in and out of the sea.

The best summer fragrances for men
Dolce & Gabbana- Light Blue on ebay

6. Giorgio Armani-Aqua Di Gio

The name alone screams out class and coolness. If you’re looking for a scent that has a bit more longevity, then Giorgio Armani-Aqua Di Gio is the perfect match.

Full of summer notes such as lime, neroli, jasmine, peach and rose, this fragrance will certainly fit the bill. With base notes of ambergris, cedar and oak moss, this gives the scent a longer-lasting aroma and both middle and base notes keep the scent long-lasting.

Giorgio Armani aqua di gio 100ml aftershave lotion 

7. Davidoff-Cool Water

The female version of this fragrance is refreshing and Davidoff’s Cool Water is no exception. Beautiful top notes of lavender, peppermint, rosemary and orange blossom make this scent one of the favourites for men.

We do think of summer and holidays with the title alone and with a reasonable price, it’s a popular fragrance to wear all year round.







8. Ralph Lauren-Polo Blue

Another fragrance that hits the favourite summer notes is Ralph Lauren-Polo Blue.  Consisting of very delicate notes such as melon, cucumber and clementine, they’re the kind of notes you could pop into your drink and sit with your feet dipped into the pool.

The base notes of patchouli, white amber and oak moss ensure this fragrance lasts long into the evening for a refreshing scent that lingers. The perfect blend of notes for the hot weather and an all-around scent that’s perfect for the beach or a night out at a tavern.

Ralph Lauren Polo Blue Eau de Toilette Men’s Aftershave Spray

9. Calvin Klein-CK One Summer

This fragrance is unisex so it makes the perfect scent to take away for a holiday when both you and your partner can use it. A refreshing and typical summer scent with its mixture of cedarwood, guava and mojito, ( a cocktail of flavours consisting of lime or lemon juice, mint and white rum).

Calvin Klein’s CK One Summer is another scent, like Dolce & Gabanna-Light Blue, which has short longevity and works very well during hot days, by the beach or dipping in and out of the pool.

The best summer fragrances for men

Calvin Klien CK One


10. Jean Paul Gaultier-Le Beau

This fragrance brings summer in a bottle with its combination of sweet notes such as bergamot, coconut and tonka bean. Added to the great style of such a bottle and we are truly ready for summer.

Citrus scents are hugely popular during the summer and as soon as you open this fragrance, there is an instant whiff of citrus, followed by the coconut.

Most of us recognize a coconut scent with sun lotion but this fragrance is more overpowered by the tonka bean. It’s a very versatile fragrance and one to consider for your holiday.

The best summer fragrances for men
Jean Paul Gaultier- Le Beau on ebay 

So there we have 10 suitable male fragrances that all work well during the summer months, whether you use them daily or keep them for when you travel abroad. If you like designer fragrances but the price is a little on the dear side, FM World has around 100 fragrances for men and you can try a sample before you purchase.

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  • Shelley

    Hi Louise 

    You are such a life saver! I haven’t a clue about fragrances for men. I equally need to purchase a gift for a very dear friend of mine. I know he has sandalwood blended oil burners in his home. So I’m thinking the Giorgio Armani- Aqua Di Gio fragrance would be a perfect fit. I also know he loves citrus. Given this fragrance is highly popular with men. It should be the perfect choice! Thank you ever so much!

    • Louise Allen

      Hi Shelley,

      Ah thank you for reading my article and I’m so pleased that it has helped you to find a suitable fragrance for your friend.

      Giorgio Armani- Aqua Di Gio is a lovely scent and perfect as he likes sandalwood. Fruit and citrus scents are perfect for the summer and all year round.

      Best wishes 


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