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    Do you sell designer perfume

    “Do you sell designer perfume   ?”

    “I like Chanel no.5. Can you get me a bottle?”
    No.“ Do you sell a copy of Chanel no.5 ?”

    Do you sell designer fragrances? At FM, we are our own brand.
    If we really did have a bottle of Chanel no. 5, it would be in the same style bottle with the same packaging. This would be classed as a copy.

    You won’t find any of our fragrances in designer boxes carrying a designer name because we simply do not sell designer fragrances or copies of them.

    “But wait ! Your fragrances smell the same so they must be copies “

    The same designer smell

    For many years, there has been a myth that our fragrances are a copy of the designers. Let’s look into that.

    Fake designer perfume 

    What does a copied fragrance look like?


    Well, a fragrance that is copied will indeed come in the same packaging and the same bottle but the actual fragrance will be very diluted, therefore proving that the so-called designer fragrance you have purchased, is indeed fake.

    If our fragrances were fake, they would be in the same bottle and packaging as the original designer fragrances.


    As you will see, our fragrances have their own design, their own bottle and we don’t need to dilute our perfumes. Quite the opposite. With ours, you receive more perfume oil in each of our bottles than that of the designers.

    Long lasting fragrances

    Many of our fragrances do smell very similar, if not identical but that’s not because we’ve copied them.


    We use the same company for our perfume oils called DROM  The company that provides perfume oil to the designer names also provide to FM.


    We also use the same fragrance notes from the fragrance families.

    With our fragrance families and notes, we fall into several different categories so if we were to use similar fragrance notes for one of our perfumes that the designers use for one of theirs.

    There will very likely be a similarity in the scent.

     Selling designer perfume

    Unlike the designers, who use celebrity endorsers, tv advertising and less perfume oil (EDT) here at FM we don’t need to dilute our product.

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    French perfume 

    We can use pure oil (20%) because we don’t have the overheads. We use distributors like myself which enables the company to sell unique and affordable perfumes to YOU.

    What we can offer for similar scents

    So if your favourite fragrance happens to be Chanel no.5, I can sell you an affordable bottle that has the same fragrance notes, and it will smell similar, if not identical.

    Make the designer switch

    Do you sell designer perfume
    Our unique bottles of Pure Royal


    If you haven’t already, try a sample of your favourite and see if you can make the switch.


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    Name brand perfumes

    When it comes to name brand perfumes, why are they so expensive?

     Why do we pay so much money ?

    I  remember having a nose in my mums make up bag  when I was younger and there was often a Chanel or Elizabeth Arden lipstick or a L’Oreal mascara.

    Name brand perfumes 

    Of course, when I was young I knew no different with regards to expensive brands.

    To me, it was just a lipstick, or mascara.

    Why was there such a big price tag?

    I was completely unaware of how pricing worked as a youngster.

    It’s not until you look into it deeper, that we learn how prices vary so much depending where you purchase from.

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    Name brand perfumes
    At there are huge savings on your favourite fragrances




    The price of name brand perfume 


    We all see ‘expensive’ in different ways. 

    Some might say that a product is expensive because they can’t afford to buy it, whilst others see it as ‘not worth the price tag’.


    So what makes brands expensive ?


    Whilst one product alone may not break the bank, having several high end items in your make up collection will soon add up.

    We all know just how much money women alone can spend.

    Luxury perfume and make up are two of the top products that women buy.

    When it comes to perfume, a very small percentage is the actual cost of the smell.

    The majority of what we are paying for is the cost of the packaging, marketing and advertising of the product.

    After all, if the perfume isn’t advertised then no one will actually know about it to purchase in the first place.


    Women will often purchase known brands, therefore they are paying not just for the product, but the marketing, the brand name and prestige that comes with such names.

     The power of branding     


    Just like a bottle of Chanel perfume, no one sees your lipstick container or it’s brand name. It sits in your handbag until used.

    At FM we sell less expensive make up, just like our fragrances and just like the designers, we never compromise on the quality either.

    We don’t need to advertise on tv.

    There are millions of distributors around the world, like myself.

    We speak to friends/family and work colleagues about our fragrances and the fact that we can save customers money by buying an alternative bottle.


    Chanel No.5 perfume history


    Name brand perfumes
    Designer perfumes have always been expensive


    We are a cruelty free company and affordable.


    Contact me for any info. I’d love to help with any queries.

    Name brand perfumes
    Branded products with big price differences

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    High street perfumes

    High street perfumes. I see other people advertising our business as “selling High Street fragrances at a fraction of the price!” Let’s correct that.

    Firstly, we don’t sell High Street fragrances.Wait !! What??


    We sell unique fragrances that use the same perfume oil and fragrance wheel as the designers, therefore they have a similar (not copied) scent.

    Secondly, there is no “fraction of the price” Our fragrances, like any product you find on the High Street, has its own price tag.





    High street perfumes
    Save money on an alternative

    High street perfumes
    Classy bottles that contain unique fragrances





    High street perfumes

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    They are affordable and because you can’t purchase them in the shops nor are they advertised on TV by celebrities.

    We can therefore add more perfume oil to our bottles which means that you will purchase a perfume, not an EDT, that lasts much longer on your skin


    We have created out own style of fragrance in simplistic bottles, numbered clearly on the labels for their own individuality.


    Perfume has always been an expensive product to purchase and we are forever trying to find alternate places to purchase our favourites.

    Online has always been the more affordable option as we do pay over the odds when purchasing from shops and department stores.

    No hidden costs-

    Why pay over the odds with branding, endorsements or advertising? It’s unnecessary and the extra money could go on to pay for something else.

    Pampered pooches

    We can’t forget about our four legged friends. They too need pampering and love to smell gorgeous!

    Things have certainly moved on from when dogs used to be shampooed and that was pretty much it when it came to grooming.

    This company below sell fragrances for your pets and what a wonderful idea to create such for our beloved pets.

    They can and do smell of wet fur from time to time. Their skin an become dry, just like ours so they too deserve products to make them look and feel loved.

    Check out the link below for products for pets.



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    Small businesses

    Small businesses are a big deal these days.

    We’ve all been into a Superdrug/Boots store, both men and women.

    We’ve purchased make up, hair products, skin care and perhaps even perfumes/aftershaves.

    I was always one for heading to the Rimmel make up section for the latest trends.

    It’s an easy option to pop to the shops. Many have something to suit everyone and we’re in and out in no time.

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    A diary is essential to a small business

    Small businesses versus the big stores

    Stores like these are an easy go-to place for such items. Pick off the shelf, pay at the counter and off we go. The type of shop that usually sees more women as they look around and walk up and down the isles.

    shops like this already have the trust in their buyer, just like the supermarkets.

    No one checks the reviews of these shops because they are so huge and in every town that they don’t require it. They’re trusted from day one.

    Small businesses
    Big businesses can often overwhelm the small online shops

    Money didn’t matter

    Prices varied depending on the brands we purchased but we still made a purchase because such items were needed/wanted.

    Many supermarkets started selling make up and fragrances along with food and this made shopping for such items even easier to purchase.

    What about small businesses ?

    Did you know that FM sell all of these everyday products too ?

    Starting out as just a perfume company back in 2004, FM saw a huge potential in introducing cosmetics alongside their popular fragrances.

    So why do small businesses struggling to get noticed?


    Many people choose high street brands over a small company brand because:

    1) You can buy all that you need on your usual shopping trip without the need to go into lots of different shops

    2) There is no waiting at home for a delivery

    3) The big stores are well known and trusted so customers are more likely to shop there

    But what we don’t get when we purchase from such shops is the personal care.

    “How are you getting on with your new shampoo ?”

    “ Can i help you choose a new fragrance ?”

    “You mentioned that your skin is very dry, I may have a product that could help with that “

    These little touches are what make small businesses unique and stand out from the bigger stores.


    Think before you purchase



    The next time you visit a beauty store or supermarket, before you pick up your usual foundation, shampoo, face cream or deodorant, ask yourself  if someone running a small business can help with your purchase.

    At FM we know how important customer care is and by providing a personal service to find the perfect fragrance for customer, it keeps them coming back.

    Not only for the great products but also the help in finding a perfume or aftershave that is right for them.




    Small businesses
    Fm fragrances sell perfume for men and women

    We know that the big stores will always survive, even through a huge pandemic. Customers will forever be visiting shops in small towns, large towns and cities. 

    Small businesses are constantly fighting for survival. It takes time to build trust when people choose to set up business on their own.

    We’re not as popular as the known shops but we’re still here to assist.

    To help us, please let us help you.

    There’s room for everyone.





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    Life without perfume

    Imagine life without perfume. No scent lingering and no memories coming back to life from the whiff of a scent as you walk past someone.

    No smell from the flowers and beautiful scents we have around us.

    I have been a lover of perfume, especially floral scents, from an early age.

    The days of using flower petals as a child and mixing them with my mums expensive perfume without her knowing was great fun…

    Until she caught me !

    I learnt that I could create a fragrance of my own, albeit with a few weeds mixed in with the petals.

    At the age of 9/10, I thought my creations were amazing !

    I also learnt to be a very fast runner….!

    My late mum had a wonderful collection of expensive perfume and I’m sure she didn’t get to wear half of them.

    The expensive bottles sat on her bedside table and inside her wardrobe for years.

    One day I thought I’d help her out by using some for my own creations.

    she would surely appreciate how creative I was being and there may have even been a chance that those that I did create would potentially be used by her.

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    Choose from the wide array of fragrances and perfume oils. Visit

    The 1970’s and perfume

    Back in the days of my childhood, in the 1970’s, petal pressing was also a big thing for girls to do.

    Creating our very own album of ‘flattened’ flowers and the friend who had the most ‘exotic’ flower that was pressed was clearly delighted with their ‘win’.

    The neighbours garden flowers took a battering whilst these creations were happening but it was all part of growing up and experimenting with different perfume scents.

    I’ve grown up wearing perfume daily. It became part of my morning routine and a daily spritz to make me feel good before I left the house was a daily occurrence.

    Every day is special so why not wear a perfume even when we have nothing planned ? If it makes you feel better and happy, it’s the perfect excuse.

    Fast forward to 2015 and at the age of 43, I had the opportunity to work with a perfume company.


    I love the freedom we have today to choose what suits our skin type the best.

    Not everyone can wear the same perfume as our skin reacts differently.

    Life without perfume
    Fm fragrances have perfumes to suit everyone


    Helping others choose their perfume


    I have worked in the fragrance industry for the past 7 years and I enjoy helping others to find a fragrance that is perfect for their skin.

    With so many fragrances available, we can choose one that suits daytime in the office/workplace and a stronger fragrance for a night out.

    We all love to smell gorgeous and a fragrance that suits our skin is just an added accessory to our outfit.


    Even when we are pottering around at home, it’s still good to wear a daytime scent.  A passion for fragrances



    Life without perfume

    Fm perfume 413 review 

    Perfume lifts our spirits and with so many perfumes today to choose from, we really are spoilt when it comes to feeling good about ourselves.

    Fragrances vary so much in price too. Most will shop online as it is the easiest way to purchase products nowadays. Delivered direct to your door without the endless walking around from shop to shop.

    We can often  get online products cheaper too and everyone loves to save money as much as possible without missing out on treats.

    We find ourselves searching for comparison prices online and shopping at trustworthy sites to ensure we are buying the best quality.


    It can easily go unnoticed if we accidentally purchase fake brands so we have to be very careful what we are purchasing.

    Life without perfume

    Perfume has long been a ‘go to’ product for both men and women for many years and with the fragrances of today, they just get better.

    There are so many new perfumes to try and we really are spoilt for choice. The list just gets longer as more fragrances are created.

    If I can help other women and men, find their perfect fragrance, that puts a smile on my face and I know I have offered my knowledge to help someone with their next purchase.

    If you need help or have any questions, feel free to get in touch or comment  below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


    Affiliate disclosure

    This page contains affiliate links. Should you click on a link and make a purchase, I may receive compensation.

    Perfume For Women available at HOTTPERFUME.COM



    A great way to take a small perfume with you on holiday or just to pop inside your bag for work. The 10ml Collection by KIERIN NYC are great for this.

    If you have ever considered working online to earn money and don’t know where to start, click the banner below.