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    Life without perfume

    Imagine life without perfume. No scent lingering and no memories coming back to life from the whiff of a scent as you walk past someone.

    I have been a lover of fragrances and perfume from an early age.

    The days of using flower petals as a child and mixing them with my mums expensive perfume without her knowing was great fun…

    Until she caught me !

    I learnt that I could create a fragrance of my own, albeit with a few weeds mixed in with the petals.

    At the age of 9/10, I thought my creations were amazing !

    I also learnt to be a very fast runner….!

    My late mum had a wonderful collection of expensive perfume.

    They sat in her bedroom for years…or so it seemed.

    So I thought I’d help her out by using some for my own creations.

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    The 1970’s and perfume

    Back in the days of my childhood, in the 1970’s, petal pressing was also a big thing for girls to do.

    Creating our very own album of ‘flattened’ flowers and the friend who had the most ‘exotic’ flower that was pressed was clearly delighted with their ‘win’.


    I’ve grown up wearing perfume daily. Every day is special so why not wear a perfume even when we have nothing planned ? If it makes you feel better and happy, it’s the perfect excuse.

    So when I had the opportunity to work with a fragrance company, you can imagine I was in my element.

    I love the freedom we have today to choose what suits our skin type the best.

    Not everyone can wear the same perfume as our skin reacts differently.

    Life without perfume
    Fm fragrances to suit all

    Helping others with perfume 








    I have worked in the fragrance industry for the past 7 years.

    I enjoy helping others to find a fragrance that is perfect for their skin.

    One that suits daytime in the office/workplace and a stronger fragrance for a night out.

    We all love to smell gorgeous and a fragrance that suits our skin is just an added accessory to our outfit.

    Even when I am just pottering around at home, I still like to wear a daytime scent.  A passion for fragrances



    Life without perfume
    FM Fragrances


    It lifts our spirits and with so many perfumes today to choose from, we really are spoilt when it comes to feeling good about ourselves.

    Fragrances vary so much in price too. Most will shop online as it is the easiest way to purchase products nowadays. We can also get products cheaper too.

    We find ourselves searching for comparison prices online and shopping at trustworthy sites to ensure we are buying the best quality. It can be easy to purchase fake brands so we have to be very careful what we are purchasing.

    Life without perfume

    Perfume has long been a go to product for both men and women for many years and with the fragrances of today, they just get better.

    So many new perfumes to try and we really are spoilt for choice.

    If I can help other women and indeed men, find their perfect fragrance, that puts a smile on my face!

    If you need help or have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


    Affiliate disclosure

    This page contains affiliate links. Should you click on a link and make a purchase, I may receive compensation.

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