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    Vacuum fresheners by FM World- a review

    Vacuum fresheners by FM World have been hugely popular over the past few years so let’s take a look at why they are selling fast.

    We spend huge amounts of money per year on fragrances for ourselves and incense sticks for the home to make ourselves and our surroundings smell fresh and clean but many will neglect their vacuum cleaners.

    It’s not usually something that we think of when it comes to scents but they have become very popular of late.

    Vacuum fresheners by FM World- a review
    Henry vacuum cleaners love the FM fragrances
    Vacuum fresheners by FM World- a review
    Smells from your Hoover can cause a problem in the home so using a Hoover scent, will keep both your Hoover and home smelling fresh

    Every time the vacuum cleaner is switched on, a build-up of smells from the carpet is instantly brought to the surface when we start to clean the floors.

    Daily dust, spillages, pet fur and foods all have an impact on our carpets but we don’t see what’s lurking underneath the layers.

    Pet owners

    If you’re a pet owner, dog and cat hairs embed into the carpet over time and each time the vacuum is used, these smells are transferred to the dust bag.

    Continuous use of the vacuum without using a fragrance pad results in these stale smells being transferred back onto the carpet and into the home.

    The endless cycle begins.

    Nowadays many vacuums don’t require a bag but these can still collect stale smells if they are not emptied and cleaned regularly.

    Hoover scents have been around for several years with the first vacuum fresheners being the ‘Shake ‘N’ Vac’, going on sale in 1979.

    A carpet freshener powder was sprinkled onto the carpet, left to fragrance for a few minutes and then vacuumed.

    An intent smell of freshness was beneficial and if used regularly, helped every room in the home smell fresh in between vacuuming.

    Nowadays we see a more suitable product being used to give the same benefit in the shape of fragrance pads.

    These are placed near the exhaust vent of the hoover and as soon as it’s switched on, there is an instant fragrance that fills the room.

    Not only does it give the room a fresh scent but it also keeps your hoover from smelling of stale pet hairs and general smells from everyday use of walking over the carpets.

    Vacuum fresheners by FM World

    FM World has created several fragrance scents to use in all types of dry-operating vacuum cleaners and they are all great smells depending on what type of fragrance you like in your home.

    One of my favourites is Charming Alley.

    A scent which is a beautiful fragrance composition for your home and has a subtle duo of rose and musk scents to give the room a romantic aura.

    We don’t want a scent that is overpowering and with its delicate hint of musk, a popular scent in its own right, the room is left with a beautifully fresh fragrance and your hoover is kept free of nasty smells.

    Each pack comes with two fragrance pads that will last around 3 months in your vacuum.

    They are simple to use, just pop one pad by the exhaust air filter and once the vacuum is switched on, there is an instant whiff to enjoy as you vacuum the carpets.

    Choose from 9 different fragrance pads


    Cosmic Fantasy

    This fragrance pads matches the FM 489 fragrance high is inspired by Alien-Thierry Mugler
    If you are a wearer of such fragrance then your home can smell the same with Cosmic Fantasy.
    Vacuum fresheners by FM World- a review

    Oriental Magic

    Matching FM 20 fragrance which is inspired by Flowerbomb- Victor & Rolf, this scent will fill the home and your hoover with fragrance scents from the flower family. Hints of fruit and woody notes to keep your home and carpets smelling as fresh as its scent.

    Vacuum fresheners by FM World- a review









    Alluring Freshness

    FM’s pure perfume number 18 which is inspired by Coco Mademoiselle- Chanel is a big hit with many customers who love this scent of perfume. Imagine having your vacuum and carpets smelling of scents from the cypre family. Woody, oriental, floral and fruity notes to emit day to day odours from the carpet.
    Vacuum fresheners by FM World- a review


    Thrilling Adventure

    For those who prefer a masculine scent for their vacuum or the males, these scent pads have the scent of FM 472 which is inspired by Aventus-Creed. With woody notes, added with floral, fruity and oriental scents, your vacuum will gain from a popular scent loved by many.

    Vacuum fresheners by FM World- a review








    Charming Alley

    This product emits a beautiful scent of rose and musk and eliminates the unpleasant smells of dust.
    Vacuum fresheners by FM World- a review



    Green Spa

    If you’re a lover of aloe Vera and green cucumber scents then these twin pads will assist nicely.

    Vacuum fresheners by FM World- a review









    Maldives Paradise

    The name alone makes you want to pack a suitcase and head for a warmer climate. Light, sea accord combined with a subtle sweetness of exotic fruits will instantly get you feeling like you’re on holiday without leaving home.
    Bring the sea smells to life with these vacuum pads.
    Vacuum fresheners by FM World- a review



    Singapore Twilight

    The smell of oranges immersed in juicy, fruity -floral notes pulsates freshness and a clean home. Breath in the instant aroma of fruit each time you vacuum for a gorgeous smelling home.
    Vacuum fresheners by FM World- a review








    Pure 366

    Inspired by the very popular fragrance Black Opium- Yves st Laurent, this choice of vacuum pads will give the home a true scent of oriental flavours.
    A mixture of fruit, floral, wood, spice, ambergris and vanilla notes to enhance the home and carpets and will ensure that any of those pesky carpet odours are eliminated.
    Vacuum fresheners by FM World- a review

    Where to buy: FM World

    Cost: Click on the photos for current prices
    Total weight: 16.0(g)
    My rating: 9 out of 10


    Keep your hoover happy!

    ■ Leaves a fragrance in every room that you hoover

    ■ Eliminates the smell of pet hair

    ■ Eliminates stale smells

    ■ Long-lasting

    ■ Twin pack

    With so many to choose from, why not try a different scent each time your hoover needs a new pad?

    Get in touch if you would like to try one of our scents for your home and finally enjoy the fragrances that each one leaves instead of bad odours lingering.

  • Perfumes

    Long lasting fragrances

    When it comes to long-lasting fragrances, one frequently asked question revolves around whether FM World scents last as long as designer fragrances. With their distinctive bottles, packaging, and perfume scents, it’s a valid question.

    The simple answer? Yes.

    Drom creates long-lasting fragrances 

    When it comes to creating long-lasting fragrances, FM employs the same oils used in designer fragrances. They achieve this without relying on celebrity endorsers, TV adverts, in-store assistance, or extravagant packaging and bottles. Consequently, there is no need to dilute the oils, allowing them to use pure oil in all their fragrances.

    If you were to examine a designer fragrance on your bedside cabinet, you’d often find that it’s an Eau de Toilette (EDT) rather than a pure perfume. Owning a Pure bottle of designer fragrance can be quite costly, typically ranging from £150 to £200, depending on the celebrity associated with the fragrance.

    Saving perfumes for a special occasion

    Given their hefty price tag, it’s no surprise that those designer fragrances often sit on the bedside cabinet, waiting for a special occasion to be worn. They come out for parties, weddings, and celebrations. The average workday may not always justify wearing an expensive bottle of perfume. Let’s take a look at other reasons why we may save our perfume for a special occasion.

    Sentimental Value: Perfumes are often associated with memories and emotions. Some women may have a particular perfume that holds sentimental value, perhaps associated with significant events or milestones. Using it on special occasions can enhance the emotional impact of those moments.

    Limited Editions or Expensive Perfumes: If someone owns a limited edition or expensive perfume, they might choose to use it sparingly to make it last longer. These fragrances are often considered luxurious and are reserved for special events or occasions to make the experience more exclusive.

    Longevity of Fragrance: Some women may perceive that saving a perfume for special occasions helps maintain the longevity of the fragrance. They might believe that using it sparingly will make the scent last longer on the skin and the bottle.

    Association with Dressing Up: Perfume is sometimes seen as a finishing touch to dressing up for a special event. The act of applying a favourite fragrance can be part of a ritual that complements the overall experience of getting ready for a special occasion.

    Preserving the Unique Character: Some individuals associate specific scents with certain occasions, and they may want to preserve the uniqueness of those scents by using them exclusively during those times. This helps create a distinctive olfactory memory associated with special events.

    Conserving the Product: Perfume enthusiasts might be mindful of the fact that fragrances, like any other beauty product, have a shelf life. By using a perfume selectively, they aim to extend the life of the product and prevent it from expiring or losing its original qualities.

    Ultimately, the decision to save perfume for special occasions is a personal choice influenced by individual preferences, emotions, and associations. Some individuals may choose to use their favourite fragrances daily, while others prefer to reserve them for moments they consider extraordinary. It’s a matter of personal taste and the value placed on the sensory experience of wearing a particular scent in specific contexts.

    No hidden extras 

    As FM has eliminated the middleman and bypassed the extras associated with designer fragrances, they are in a prime position to use pure oil. Customers who purchase a bottle of FM fragrance receive a pure perfume with 20% perfume oil.

    It’s evident that with a higher percentage in the bottles, the fragrance will last much longer—approximately between 6 to 8 hours. Additionally, there is a selection of fragrances with 30% perfume, classified as the intense range. You can read more about Drom fragrances and where it all began.

    Pure Royal 900 unisex fragrance

    Fragrance notes:

    Head: black cherry, cherry liqueur, bitter almonds

    Heart: rose, jasmine, sour cherry

    Base: tonka bean, sandalwood, vetiver, cedarwood

    Here to help

    If you have a favourite perfume that you usually wear and would like to try one that is inspired by your favourite, get in touch. 

    I have the expertise and keen understanding needed to assist you in discovering a fragrance that is not only perfectly suited to your tastes but also aligns seamlessly with your lifestyle and preferences. By engaging in thoughtful conversations about your favourite scents, cherished memories, and the emotions you wish to evoke, I can guide you through the diverse world of fragrances.

    Together, we can explore various fragrance families and notes, allowing you to experience the subtle differences of each scent on your skin. Whether you’re seeking a daily signature scent or a distinctive fragrance for special occasions, my personalized approach ensures that the perfume you choose resonates uniquely with your personality and enhances your overall style.

    Let’s embark on a journey of olfactory discovery to find the perfect scent that truly reflects the essence of you.

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