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    What Perfume Does Kate Middleton Wear

    What perfume does Kate Middleton wear? On September 19th, the nation celebrated the life and bid an emotional farewell to Her Royal Highness and laid her to rest. We saw a new King (King Charles III) and a new Prince and Princess of Wales.

    Watching the royals look dignified and graceful, we’re curious about what fragrance the new Princess of Wales wears.

    As discussed in our recent article What perfume did Queen Elizabeth wear, our attention was very much drawn to the beauty and elegance of our new Princess.

    What perfume does Kate Middleton wear

    There will be many women, I’m sure, who look up to our Princess of Wales and admire her complexion and beautiful locks.

    Kate always stands out in the crowd elegantly, so it’s no surprise that she chooses a beautiful scent to match her sparkle and beauty.

    Being one of the most talked about women in the world, Kate has influenced those around her, not just with her sense of style but with her choice of perfume.

    According to sources, she created her wedding around this beautifully fruity scent and wore it daily, not just for royal duties.

    What perfume does Kate Middleton wear


    Whilst Kate’s signature perfume may set you back a little with its ‘Royal’ price tag, especially if you purchase from the designer’s website, she certainly has a wonderful eye and nose for gorgeous fragrances when choosing her favourite perfume.


    Jo Malone-Orange Blossom

    Kate Middleton (now known as The Princess of Wales) is a big fan of Jo Malone’s Orange Blossom.

    This fragrance, launched in 2003 by Jean Claude Delville, brings the delights of a summer garden to life with its excellent selection of ingredients.

    It is also one of the most popular scents worn by many celebrities, including Emilia Fox and Katie Holmes.

    Although a very floral and elegant spring/summer scent, Orange Blossom is a unisex fragrance. Therefore, it has a great balance of notes that make it suitable for both men and women.

    Jo Malone has created a unique scent that works wonderfully as a unisex choice.

    When we have citrus-based fragrances, a distinctive mood-lifting vibe is instantly created.

    What perfume does Kate Middleton wear
    Orange blossom is a prevalent perfume scent.

    Citrus scents are perfect for spring and summer occasions. Their sharp and tangy notes create energy, happiness, and memories.

    We must choose the right scent for our skin, as not everyone suits the same scent.

    We should also choose a fragrance that is uplifting and memorable for ourselves. A scent that reminds others of our presence also shows a great choice of perfume.

     Fragrances notes of Jo Malone’s Orange Blossom

    Top notes: Tangerine Blossom

    Heart notes: Orange blossom, water lily and lilac

    Base notes: Vetiver and Iris

    Although this perfume sits within the oriental fragrance family, as soon as it is sprayed, there is an instant whiff of orange and citrus fruits.

    What perfume does Kate Middleton wear
    Citrus-based fragrances are perfect for spring and summer.
    What perfume does Kate Middleton wear

    The heart notes pop through as the top notes settle, and the lilac is very noticeable with the water lily. The base note of Vetiver is a stunning scent, which is another reason why this fragrance is so popular.

    There is a distinctive smell of freshness as the notes settle on the skin, which is why it is such a versatile perfume. Some may be led to believe that it is too fruity or feminine to be suitable for a male wearer.

    Once the heart and base notes settle and are left for the remainder of their longevity, it’s easy to learn why it is just as famous for men when the crisp freshness sits wonderfully on the skin for that touch of masculinity.

    Being one of the most popular scents from the Jo Malone collection, another advantage of such a popular fragrance is that you can bring this gorgeous scent into your home and garden with its added selection of products.

    Jo Malone has also created a candle, diffuser, solid perfume scent, body and hand wash, and body crème in the same fragrance. Just delightful!



    Everyone loves a candle. Indoors or outside, candles give a sense of calmness, warmth and relaxation.

    With such notes as mentioned above, the Jo Malone candle enriches the home with the same beautiful freshness.

    With its elegant and simplistic jar, it will suit any home. It has a burn time of approximately 45 hours, with a lid included for when it’s not used.



    Many people have reed diffusers around their homes, creating a fantastic atmosphere, whatever the season.

    Solid scent refill


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    These can be worn alone or layered with perfume. The choice is yours. Perfect for those who travel and want to avoid taking liquids on board.

    What perfume does Kate Middleton wear




    Buy Jo Malone products available on eBay.




    Body and hand wash

    If you’re fortunate enough to use scented body lotions as part of your daily skincare without any allergies ( I have to use unscented to avoid water infections), this stylish bottle will be a great accessory to your bathroom.

    The Jo Malone body and hand wash are refreshing, with meadowfoam seed oil (extracted from the seeds of Limnanthes Alba). It has a hint of shimmering orange blossom and warm undertones of orris and balsamic vetiver.

    This lotion will leave the skin feeling soft and conditioned as it emulsifies into a rich lather.

    It not only makes your skin smell gorgeous but also brings an element of freshness and an uplifting scent to the bathroom.

    Body cream

    The Jo Malone body cream contains conditioning oils of jojoba, sweet almond, and cocoa seeds to help hydrate and protect the skin. It also has a beautiful hint of orange blossom fragrance to balance out your perfume.

    What perfume does Kate Middleton wear

    This is a wonderful collection that will enhance your perfume, and you can continue its beautiful scent with a variety of products.

    “A shimmering garden oasis. Clementine flower sparkles over a heart of orange blossom and water lily, with warm undertones of orris and balsamic vetiver”-Jo Malone. 

    Did you know FM World sells an inspired version of Jo Malone’s Orange Blossom Fragrance?

    What perfume does Kate Middleton wear
    FM World’s Pure Royal perfume contains 20% oil inspired by Jo Malone’s Orange Blossom.

    Type: Serious with a radiant accent

    Top notes: Orange, mandarin, sage

    Heart notes: Jasmine, orange flower

    Base notes: Honey, sunny notes

    An affordable and long-lasting alternative, it contains 20% perfume oil, and you can purchase a sample and try it for yourself.

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    Skincare routine for men

    A skincare routine for men is just as important as one for women. It may have been frowned upon or laughed at when men started taking an interest in their skin and appearance, as it was always catered more to women.

    Nowadays, we see an increase in male perfume ads on our TV screens, indicating that men are wearing more fragrances. Men also want to smell great, and with many reaching for skincare products over the years, they too aim to have great-looking and feeling skin, just like the ladies.”

    Skin care routine for men

    Men also feel more comfortable shopping for skincare products without the embarrassment of reaching for items like exfoliating face masks or moisturisers.

    Sun care is just as important for men

    If anything, men should prioritize taking care of their skin. Many have jobs that require them to work outside in all weather conditions, such as builders, roofers, and postmen. Even office staff need to pay attention to skincare. Males working in offices may find themselves out and about, travelling to see clients as part of their job. With a smart haircut and professional attire, it only makes sense to also prioritize good skin.


    The shelves, both in physical stores and online, are stacked with just as many male skincare products. Businesses have recognized the market demand for such products, and men are now more confident in reaching for specific skincare items.

    Skin care products for men

    Taking care of the inside for a better outside

    We all know how much our skin can dry out in certain weather conditions; central heating at home and the day-to-day atmosphere all play a part in how our skin reacts. Hot weather can leave our skin dry, tight, and flaky if we don’t take care of it.

    It’s essential to remember that what we put inside our bodies also plays a significant role in how good or bad our skin feels and looks.

    Healthy eating, regular exercise, and drinking plenty of water all contribute to the long-term benefits of looking and feeling good.

    There are many gender-neutral products available, as well as those specifically designed for men and women.

    By this year (2022), the male industry for personal care is predicted to reach $166 billion, according to Allied Market Research.

    Over the years, men have often felt that taking care of their skin is too feminine, as it was traditionally considered something only women did.

    In the past, men typically used whatever bar of soap was available at home, usually courtesy of their wives or partners who purchased it during the weekly shopping. There wasn’t much consideration given to whether that particular bar of soap would benefit their skin; it was merely used because it was the only product available.

    Women, quite cleverly, often kept their skincare products hidden from men, particularly if these products were more expensive than the average range. As a result, men were frequently left with the day-to-day bar of soap that was used by everyone in the household.

    The negative impact on our skin

    In today’s more accepting climate around gender, men are increasingly comfortable discussing their skincare concerns and adopting effective routines using some of the best products available.

    We’re well aware of the accumulation of dirt and grime on the skin throughout the day. Therefore, having a skincare routine becomes crucial to remove excess oils and dirt.

    Although men may not have to contend with the buildup of makeup on their skin, potentially blocking pores if not thoroughly removed, those working outdoors face their challenges. Whether on building sites, enduring various weather conditions, working underground, or around food, these factors can significantly impact a man’s skin.

    Moreover, we often underestimate how frequently we touch our skin, especially our faces, daily. Actions as common as removing an eyelash, blowing our nose, or soothing hay fever eyes can transfer dirt from our hands to our faces. Despite thinking our hands are clean after washing, they are exposed to dirt every single day.

    Skin care products for men

    Touching the steering wheel while driving to work, opening doors, and shaking hands with colleagues—these routine actions inevitably transfer germs and dirt to our faces.

    For some men who shave daily, there’s already a built-in element of face washing and cleansing before applying cologne. On the other hand, some may not apply anything to their skin after a shower, and their face remains unwashed until the evening.

    The growing popularity and acceptance of skincare routines among men are evident in the use of daily products to protect the skin and restore moisture. Many men are incorporating these practices into their daily regimen, recognizing the benefits of maintaining healthy skin.

    Long term gain

    Taking care of our skin isn’t just about short-term benefits; those who consistently use products to cleanse and moisturize will experience better results in the long run.

    As mentioned in my article on celebrities and skincare, understanding your skin type is crucial for choosing the most suitable products.

    Men who shave regularly may notice that their skin tends to be drier than women’s due to the moisture being stripped away with continuous shaving. The use of shaving foam is essential in locking in moisture, making the skin smoother and easier to shave. This gives the razor the chance to glide across the skin.

    A man’s skincare routine is pretty much the same as a woman’s. Cleansing is the first and essential step in any skincare routine, washing off excess oil, dirt, and pollutants that can accumulate on the face throughout the day.

    Using a cleanser that effectively removes dirt without drying out the skin is crucial. Skin that feels tight immediately after washing is not going to be comfortable.

    One product that may be overlooked for men is an eye cream.

    Moisturiser is an essential product for everyone to have as this will keep the skin hydrated, and looking brighter and will help keep the complexion clear and protected.

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    This page contains affiliate links. Should you click on a link and make a purchase, I may receive compensation.

    Try to find one that is suitable for your skin type, especially if you suffer from oily skin. Some may not be suitable and may make the skin more oily so shop accordingly. Using the right one will benefit and improve the skin, with better skin texture, and fewer breakouts and will make the skin less oily, contrary to belief.

    Skin care products for men


    Applying a moisturiser after shaving is a product to reach for and applying morning and evening will keep it looking refreshed and youthful. We all strive for youth as we get older!

    Products available for men

    With so many products available for men to use for their skincare, there aren’t any right or wrong products to choose from. Take a look at the different ranges of what is available from these different companies.

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    Bulldog moisturiser on Ebay.co.uk

    Father’s Day gifts 

    CLINIQUE for Men Face Wash 400ml ( 2 x 200ml )

    Skin care routine for men

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    Celebrity skin care products

    Similar to celebrity-endorsed perfumes, skincare products endorsed by celebrities are also immensely popular. It’s a well-established fact that celebrities have been endorsing perfumes for several years now.

    Celebrity skin care products

    As a nation, we are greatly influenced by products available both online and in shops, especially those with a celebrity endorsement. Knowing that a well-known celebrity supports a product gives us confidence when making a purchase.




    Supporting the influencers

    Imagine this scenario: Your friend, who lives down the street from you, begins a soap-making business. Initially, you’re enthusiastic and supportive, and they even share some of their products with you for free.

    As their business gains momentum, they expand their product line, and soon enough, they approach you to buy the same items they previously gifted you.

    This situation resonates with the online memes depicting someone starting a new business or excelling in an interview, only to be offered the job they were seeking.

    Celebrity sun care products They share their soap-making venture with all their Facebook followers and receive 25 likes and 10 comments on their posts. As we scroll through our news feed, a celebrity endorsing the latest fragrance catches our attention, amassing over 3000 likes and over 100 comments.

    It’s a clear illustration of how those who have influenced us over an extended period tend to garner the majority of support. Despite not personally knowing these celebrities, we readily back them in their new ventures.

    Often, we find ourselves willingly paying a higher price for the latest perfume or cosmetic product endorsed by a celebrity, surpassing what we typically spend on our usual and more affordable Rimmel or L’Oréal brands.


    The power of celebrity status

    It may even be a product we don’t particularly want or need, but the endorsement of a celebrity is enough to entice us to part with our money. I highly doubt we will ever see a break in this cycle as long as celebrities are influencing us.

    Celebrities are also aware that they influence certain customers.

    Celebrity skin care products
    Celebrities have a huge influence over their customers

    There is never any question about whether their product will sell enough quantities to keep it on the shelves. In addition to endorsing perfumes and aftershaves, many celebrities also have their own skincare ranges.

    We often admire celebrities, especially women, who seem to embody perfection in every way—gorgeous, glowing skin full of radiance. What’s their secret? We are curious about the products they use, hoping to benefit from achieving the same radiant look

    Celebrity skin care products

    Many celebrities don’t look their age and perhaps this is not just part of the products they are using but the kind of lifestyle that they live too.




    A healthy lifestyle also plays a part in our exterior

    Personal trainers, a commitment to healthier and often more expensive food, financial security, and ample water intake—all contribute to how gracefully we age.

    Similarly, in the realm of fragrances, celebrities don’t always wear the products they endorse; they may simply appreciate the scent or the way their skin feels when using certain products.

    Much like the general public, celebrities are also influenced by the texture of a product, its fragrance, and the overall experience it provides when they use it.

    In addition, the majority of celebrities have a makeup artist to assist them when appearing on TV shows, concerts, and advertisements.

    Now, let’s delve into some of the skincare products favoured by celebrities.

    Jennifer Aniston

    Jennifer, an American actress, producer, and spokesperson for Aveeno, a skincare company focusing on conditions such as eczema, and sensitive, dry, and itchy skin, emphasizes the use of natural ingredients.

    In addition to her skincare routine, Jennifer prioritizes hydration by drinking ample water. Furthermore, she attributes her age-defying appearance, free of wrinkles, to good genes passed down from her father and grandmother.


    Affiliate Disclosure

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    Jennifer maintains her skincare routine with a Neutrogena facial cleansing bar for cleansing and follows up with Aveeno daily moisturising lotion daily moisturizer. Additionally, she incorporates the hydrating Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion into her regimen for well-nourished skin.
    Celebrity skin care products



    Charlize Theron

    As the face behind the iconic perfume J’adore, Charlize is no exception when it comes to maintaining beautiful, glowing skin. It’s fascinating to discover that she always wears a spritz of perfume before leaving the house, considering it her ‘slice of luxury’.
    In addition to maintaining a healthy diet, attending Pilates classes, and adhering to a morning and nightly routine, Charlize incorporates a rejuvenating serum by Mila Moursi and uses the moisturizing cream Crème de la Mer by La Mer.”
    Add in regular facials and you have yourself a beautiful glowing skin.

    Gwyneth Paltrow

    The American actress and businesswoman is a lover of exfoliating every day and uses a product by Goop.

    Celebrity skincare products


    Selena Gomez

    Starting her career at the tender age of just seven, Selena also sings and has her one line of make-up called Rare Beauty which she gives one percent of the profit to mental health awareness to support a charity following her struggles with mental health.

    Moisturiser is a top product when it comes to the celebrity’s skincare routine.

    Selena uses a rich moisturiser called the Dewy Skin Cream by Tatcha. Due to its thick consistency, you don’t need to use it much.

    Celebrity skincare products

    An often overlooked factor in maintaining great skin and an effective skincare routine is the importance of removing all traces of makeup before going to bed.

    Selena is one of those women who adhere to this routine diligently because her skin is prone to breakouts. Managing lupus, Selena recognizes the significance of keeping her skin fresh, and as part of her daily routine, she applies sunscreen.

    For sun protection, she relies on the Umbra Sheer Physical Daily Defense Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 30.

    Celebrity skincare products

    From her Rare Beauty range, she also uses a set mist which is a 4-in-1 Prime & Set Mist, before applying foundation.

    Emma Watson

    Another woman who has been in the spotlight since her youth and secured one of the leading roles in the Harry Potter films, Emma also prioritizes skincare.

    One of her daily go-to products is the Cheek and Lip Stain by The Body Shop.

    Celebrity skin care products

    As part of her routine, she always washes her face at night and keeps her routine with cleansing, toning and moisturising before going to bed.

    Suffering with dry skin, Emma reaches out for a product called Evolue Firming Toner. It has minimal alcohol so it doesn’t make her face sting.

    She also exfoliates once a week using an exfoliator by Evolue called Resurfacing Grains.

    Holly Willoughby

    Holly is no stranger to the spotlight and consistently looks the part, whether she’s on TV or maintaining a natural look in an Instagram post with her family. One of her favourite products that tops her list is the facial spray called Beauty Elixir by Caudalie.”
    Celebrity skin care products
     “It zings you,” she said to ‘HELLO!’™️ magazine.
    Holly has also been known to use Total Repair Cream by Kate Somerville for her Dancing On Ice shows.
    Celebrity skincare productsThis anti-ageing cream not only hydrates but deeply moisturizes, providing a firm and smooth texture to the skin while effectively reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

    Another favourite product in Holly’s skincare routine is the Eyebright™️ Soothing Eye Cleanser by Liz Earle.

    Above all, maintaining a healthy diet, staying active, drinking plenty of water, and cultivating contentment and happiness are her top priorities.

    Good skin is a result of both our internal well-being and genetic factors. Skincare products enhance the natural goodness we possess, so taking care of the inside reflects positively on the outside.