Valentine’s Day perfumes

Who says perfumes are just for Christmas or birthdays ? Valentine’s Day perfumes are just as popular.



As we say goodbye to another year and 2022 is now upon us, thousands of people around the world will have bought a fragrance for their loved one at Christmas.

What about Valentine’s Day?

Whilst the next traditional date that we gift for seems to be a long way off, January soon passes and the sales come to an end.

Just around the corner is the month of love.

Valentine’s Day perfumes
Valentine’s Day is very much a time for giving the perfect gift



Every year the shops will see an influx of shoppers on line and in store looking for the perfect gift for their loved one. Almost as busy as the Christmas season.

When did the Valentine’s Day tradition begin ?

Valentine’s Day as we know is celebrated on 14th February every year. A time when roses, chocolates and flowers are giving out to the ones we love.

A symbol of togetherness and also a day to show admiration for those who have no idea that they are loved or thought of.

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The story of St Valentine is an intriguing one as every tradition has a place in history, it’s interesting to read how Valentine’s Day started.
Every year it is celebrated by many and cards and gifts are bought to show affection.
Valentine’s Day perfumes
Chocolate became popular to give a loved one for Valentine’s Day



Whether you have a partner or not has no impact on purchases as many will write a card or send flowers to an admirer in the hope that they will soon become one.

Valentine’s Day perfumes
A card from a secret admirer will have you guessing as to whom is thinking of you








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The recipient is often left baffled as to whom has sent such a thoughtful gift or card as they find themselves going through the names of everyone they know in a bid to narrow down who it may be.

I’m sure there are many people out there who have received a card in the past from a mystery admirer. I have and still to this day, over 25 years later, never knew who it was from!

One of life’s little mysteries and even more so when the card was sent in April!

Giving gifts

Many will perhaps see the giving of presents on such a day is purely for how society expects us to behave.

Surely we don’t need a day in the year to tell someone we love them?

Quite rightly we don’t but it is a wonderful thing to receive gifts and to let someone know how much we care, even if we do show it daily.

Much of Valentine’s Day as we celebrate it, is to do with social media. Every card shop, online store and flower shop will advertise this memorable day.

Usually way ahead of time as the shops starts the clearing and huge sales of its Christmas stock.

We share a token of love and affection to others and even though it should be shown all year round, it’s good to have a special day to ‘celebrate’ it.

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The price we pay Discount

It’s inevitable that the price of cards, flowers, perfumes and chocolates will go up as February 14th approaches. This has always been the case.

Marketing strategies are very much in place way before we’ve seen the back of Christmas.

Remember though, we don’t need to spend a fortune on ‘publicised ‘ products.

Cards can be hand made if you are creative enough, flowers can be picked from your garden and perfumes can be purchased from more affordable companies.


FM Cosmetics will often have their fragrances reduced during such a high peak of purchases because they believe in helping customers make savings on their purchases so that they can buy more of what their partner would like.

It shouldn’t be a case of how much money a business can make during a publicised event but simply a chance to help others with a gift to give their loved one.


Why we give flowers and chocolates on Valentine’s Day


The tradition of giving flowers on St Valentine’s Day began during the 17th century.

Red roses are seen as a representation of love and therefore given to someone special. Often in the same quantity as the date itself.

Most women love to receive flowers in any form.

A box of chocolates became a popular gift to give both men and women but not until the middle of the 19th century.

Chocolate was seen as a product to help seduce women and show their declaration of love. Apart from having aphrodisiac qualities, who doesn’t love chocolate ?

Valentine’s Day perfumes
Fm have their own delicious chocolate



We often try to look for something unique to give on a special day.

Whilst flowers and chocolates are not personal items and will eventually perish or be consumed, giving a fragrance will last much longer and can be bought with a more personalised feel.


In some way, Valentine’s Day, along with Christmas and Easter, will have an element of marketing to help boost sales, especially with Covid still hanging around.

Businesses need more support than ever and rely on such events to help with profits during such difficult times.


Whether you are a buyer for this occasion or simply prefer to say ‘I love you ‘ in words, there are plenty of affordable perfumes to choose from if you prefer to keep away from the overpriced flowers and chocolates.

Whenever we think of romance and romantic scents, we think of fruity and citrus based notes.

There are a selection of perfumes to suit the month of love so pop along to my online shop and save the link so you check out our offers nearer the 14th February.

We are all about helping you save money and if you have any questions, please pop them below or get in touch.


  • jobs

    Thank you for the brief Valentine history. Huh! I really don’t know if receiving cards on valentine day is still evoke. I had in years back received a lot of cards from secret admirers that till date one cant figure out who they were. But SURE vALENTINE DAY is a good day to especially give a good treat to your loved ones. Can you recommend any type of perfume and flower that is suitable for the day?

    • Louise Allen

      Hey jobs, thanks for commenting and for your query.

      It’s surprising how many people do still buy for Valentine’s Day and not just the younger generation either.

      There are lots of fragrances to choose from in general but if you are after a romantic perfume then I would have to suggest FM141 which is inspired by Bright Crystal – Versace- with fragrance notes of ambergris, Musk and pomegranate to name a few. 

      Musk based scents are often popular as they are very delicate and suitable for daytime and evening wear.

      Another popular perfume is FM 801 which is inspired by Miss Dior 2017- Dior. With its fruity notes such as pear, vanilla, citrus and pink berries, this fragrance is full of charm and romance!

      I would have to say the red rose is the perfect flower for such a traditional date as it is synonymous with commitment and love but if you like something that’s not so traditional then Carnations are perfect for a long lasting bloom, Tulips, especially red, will also sit well as a romantic flower. 

      If you would like to see the mentioned fragrances, please feel free to visit my online shop.

      Thank you for reading.


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