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    Why wear perfume

    Why wear perfume ? What’s the reason that women and men wear fragrances?

    I know several friends who don’t wear a fragrance.

    Some are allergic to certain fragrances, some don’t feel the need to wear a perfume, (those are the ones that also don’t wear make-up) perhaps there’s a connection?


    Some only wear it on a special occasion such as a wedding or a night out. Whilst others will wear their fragrance regardless.


    It becomes part of their daily routine. They may choose more suitable scents if they are only wear a perfume at home.



    Why wear perfume
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    Why wear perfume fragrance ?

    Perfume has a great way of lifting our mood and makes us feel happy. Especially when those around comment on the scent we’re wearing.

    It also makes us feel like we’re fully dressed.

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    A bit like going out without jewellery or make up on. It almost feels like a part of an outfit is missing.

    We wouldn’t go through the day without deodorant but some do choose not to wear a fragrance for that day.

    No matter where I’m going, if it’s to work or to the shops or simply being at home pottering around the house, I always wear my perfume.

    Having the added benefit of access to affordable fragrances certainly helps as I have my own collection and I can wear a different one every day.

    Depending what outfit, outing or the mood, will have an impact on what fragrance is worn.

    By wearing a different perfume every day, it gives others around us the opportunity to comment because there’s a fragrance scent that smells different from the day before.

    Why wear perfume