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    Why wear perfume

    Why wear perfume? What’s the reason that women and men wear fragrances? I know several friends who don’t use fragrance. Some are allergic to certain fragrances, some don’t feel the need to spray perfume (and these are the ones that also don’t wear makeup; perhaps there’s a connection?).

    Some only use it on special occasions such as weddings or a night out, while others will wear their fragrance regardless. It becomes part of their daily routine. They may choose more suitable scents if they only wear perfume at home.



    Why wear perfume fragrance?

    Perfume has a great way of lifting our mood and making us feel happy, especially when those around us comment on the scent we’re wearing. It also makes us feel like we’re fully dressed.

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    It’s a bit like going out without jewellery or makeup; it almost feels like a part of an outfit is missing. While we wouldn’t go through the day without deodorant, some choose not to wear a fragrance on a particular day. No matter where I’m going – whether it’s to work, to the shops, or simply being at home pottering around – I always wear my fragrance.

    Having the added benefit of access to affordable fragrances certainly helps, as I have my collection, and I can wear a different one every day. Depending on the outfit, outing, or mood, it will impact which fragrance I choose to wear. Wearing a different perfume every day gives others around us the opportunity to comment because there’s a fragrance scent that smells different from the day before.

    Why wear perfume


    Wearing perfume correctly

    We also notice a difference in ourselves because if we’re wearing the same fragrance every day, our noses will get used to that scent. Therefore, we are more likely to spray more on to make it more noticeable to ourselves. Doing this will only make the fragrance heavier and less pleasant for those around us as it lingers for too long.

    Wearing perfume also gives us our own identity and personality.

    Women have spent years aiming to be individuals, so a perfume fragrance will certainly help to stand out from others.

    Every man and woman who wears a fragrance will wear it differently, as each fragrance will smell unique on everyone, even when it’s the same scent.

    Remembering the days in our youth when we used to go out with friends to the pubs and the clubs.

    Back then, in the 1990s, perfumes such as Eternity and Lou Lou were very popular for the ladies. Eternity is a distinctive scent with a very feminine feel, featuring lots of floral scents like musk, sandalwood, and citrus notes.

    Lou Lou expresses itself with the gorgeous scents of jasmine, orange blossom, tonka, and vanilla for a delightful sweet combination that is still a popular choice today with women.

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    Why wear perfume?


    Bringing back memories with perfume

    Perfume always brings back memories, both good and bad. Spraying on one of your favourites from years ago can be a powerful reminder of going out for the evening with friends—the music playing around that time and the people we were with.

    Enjoying time spent with others and having the best time is always a memory to cherish. Nostalgic fragrances are a bit like songs; we hear a record that hasn’t been played for some time, and it triggers memories. Sometimes it can be played over and over as it brings back happy times when it was first played.

    The perfume industry also knows that perfumes are and will always be in high demand—almost a necessity. There will never be a time when perfume isn’t available to buy. It’s not just ladies who love fragrances; men are keen too, and there is a wonderful collection for males to suit any occasion.

    Among the popular men’s fragrances is Davidoff Cool Water—a fresh and appealing fragrance that turns heads when you walk past a man wearing it. It was almost the one scent that every other man was wearing and is one of my favourites.

    Why wear perfume

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    Beginning in the early 1920s when Chanel No. 5 was created, there was a prestige surrounding such a powerful and popular fragrance. Over the years, perfume has often been referred to as ‘sexy,’ whether it be a man’s or a woman’s fragrance.

    The popularity of perfume

    We only have to look at perfume adverts that consume our TV, more often than not, around Christmas time. The tall, dark, and handsome man advertising a bottle of popular aftershave or the Hollywood actress promoting a ladies’ fragrance is enough to send anyone to the shops to make a purchase.

    When it comes to perfumes, they are classed as sexy, appealing, elegant and classy. All of these attributes help to see fragrances.

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    What others are saying

    Perfume gives others a glimpse of our personality without us showing anything. Of course, everyone will have a different reason as to why they wear perfume and indeed a different scent.

    When asked the question by friends and family, ‘Why do you wear perfume/aftershave?’ here is what the members said:

    ‘To smell fresh and feel good.’ ‘To smell amazing.’ ‘Makes me feel good and lifts my spirits.’

    All of the above are positive comments, and everyone has a different view on how a fragrance makes them feel. Perfumes and aftershave do bring out the best in all of us.

    Helping you choose the perfect scent

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