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    Perfume pheromones

    Perfume pheromones. What are they?


    I’ll be honest. I’d  never actually heard of perfume pheromones until later on in life.


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    Never understood what they were for, what was the purpose but it does seem to be more common nowadays so let’s look into what perfume pheromones really are.


    Perfume Pheromones
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    Since the beginning of the 1920’s and the story of Chanel No.5 perfume history back in 1921 perfume fragrances have skyrocketed and not just for women but men as well.

    Perfumes  have always been unique to all of us.

    We all wear different fragrances and even if we do wear the same as our sister/mother.

    The chances are the fragrance will smell completely different and unique.

    That’s just the way it is.We all have our own scent and therefore every perfume will smell different on you compare to someone else.



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    Pheromones- what are they ?


    Perfume pheromones

    Pheromones are chemical substances which are naturally produced and secreted by insects and animals, through sweat, urine and breath.

    This in turn triggers sexual arousal in their respective species.

    Animals and insects secrete hormones to show their presence and to notify others of their territorial pheromones.

    Our very own scent is one of the things that people are attracted to.

    We all have our own natural body scent so a pheromone fragrance will enhance that.

    Perfume pheromones
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    What’s inside a bottle of pheromone ?

    Inside a bottle of pheromone perfume there will be animal or plant pheromones used as the fundamental ingredients in developing a fragrance.

    So what happens is there is a scientific method of capturing the sexual pheromones.

    Two of the most common pheromones are Musk and Ambergris.

    Pheromone perfumes contain human pheromones, which helps to attract the opposite sex around you.

    They work in unison on our own hormones to give off a scent that attracts others.

    Pheromone perfume is can be male and female.

    Many of today’s pheromone perfumes contain Musk and Ambergris which is known to heighten the scenes of comfort and joy.

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    Affiliate disclosure

    This page contains affiliate links. Should you click on a link and make a purchase, I may receive compensation.


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