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    Skin care routine for men

    A skin care routine for men is just as important as one for women.

    It may well have been almost frowned upon or laughed at when men started taking an interest in their own skin and appearance as it was always catered more for women.

    Nowadays, men are wearing more fragrances. We have seen an increase in more male perfume ads on our TV screens.

    Men like to smell great too and with so many reaching for the skin care products over the years, they too want to have great looking and feeling skin, just like the ladies.

    Skin care routine for men



    Men feel more comfortable too when shopping for skin care products without feeling embarrassed that they’re reaching for the exfoliating face mask or moisturiser.

    Sun care is just as important for men


    If anything, men should be taking care of their skin. Many will have the types of jobs that will have them working outside in all weathers such as builders, roofers and postmen.

    Office staff still need to take care too. Many males that work in an office will perhaps be out and about travelling to see clients as part of their job.

    They’re often suited and booted with a smart hair cut so it makes sense to have good skin too.


    The shelves are stacked with just as many male skin care products in the stores as well as online. Businesses have seen an opening in the market for such products and men are more confident to reach for certain products.


    Skin care products for men


    We all know how much our skin can dry out in certain weather conditions, central heating on at home and day to day atmosphere all play a part in how our skin reacts.

    Hot weather sees our skin dry, tight and flaky if we don’t take care of it.

    Taking care of the inside for a better outside

    It’s important to remember also that what we put inside our bodies plays a big part too in how good or bad our skin feels and looks.

    Healthy eating, regular exercise and drinking plenty of water all assists in the long term benefits of looking and feeling good.

    There are many products available that are gender neutral as well as those specifically for men and women.

    By this year (2022) the male industry for personal care is predicted to reach $166 billion, according to Allied Market Research.

    Over the years, men have felt that it’s too feminine to take care of their skin. It was always something that only women ever did.

    Men used to use whatever bar of soap was available at home, courtesy of their wives/partners purchasing it with the weekly shop.

    There wasn’t any thought about if that bar of soap was going to do any good. It was simply used because it was the only product available to them.

    Women very cleverly hid their own skin care products from the men, especially if they cost more than your average range.

    They were often left with the day-today bar of soap that was used by everyone in the home.

    The negative impact on our skin

    So many aspects of gender are much more acceptable these days and now men and getting into the swing of asking about their skin issues and taking care by using some of the best products.

    We know just how much dirt and grime can built up on the skin during the day so it’s important to have a skin care routine to remove the excess oils and dirt.

    Whilst men don’t have to worry about the build up of make up on their skin and potentially blocking pores if it’s not removed thoroughly, those who work outside have just as much to think about.

    Working on building sites, in all weathers, underground, around food etc can all impact on a man’s skin.

    We don’t realise either the amount of time we touch our skin, especially our face, on a daily basis.

    Anything from removing an eyelash, blowing our nose to itching hay fever eyes will all transfer dirt from our hands to our face.

    Our hands are exposed to dirt every single day, even when we feel our hands are clean after washing.

    Skin care products for men


    Touching the steering wheel when driving to work, opening doors and shaking hands with a colleague will all transfer germs and dirt that we inevitably transfer to our face.

    Some men will shave every day so there is already that element of washing the face and cleansing before applying a cologne.

    Others won’t apply anything to their skin after a shower and the face doesn’t get washed again until the evening.

    By using daily products to protect the skin and help put the moisture back in sees many men doing just that as their skin care routine becomes more popular and acceptable.

    Long term gain

    It’s not just for the short term that we benefit from looking after our skin. Those who regularly take care and use products to cleanse and moisturise will see a better result later on in life.

    As discussed in my article about celebrities using skin car products, it’s important to know your skin type in order to buy the most suitable products.

    Men who shave may find that their skin is much dryer than women’s as the moisture can be stripped out with continuous shaving.

    Using a shaving foam will help to lock in moisture and makes the skin much easier to shave.

    Skin care products for men
    FM World shaving foam no.134. Inspired by Aqua De Gio- Giorgio Armani available to purchase here


    This gives the razor the chance to glide across the skin.

    A man’s skin care routine is pretty much the same as women’s.

    Cleaner is the first and important start to say soon care routine. Washing off any excess oil, dirt and pollutants that can end up on the face throughout the day.

    It’s important to use a cleanser that doesn’t dry out the skin whilst it removes dirt. Skin that feels tight as soon as it’s washed is not going to feel comfortable.

    One product that perhaps gets overlooked for men is an eye cream.


    Skin care products for men
    FM World Fontaine lift up eye cream


    Enriched with carefully selected ingredients – caffeine prevents the formation of dark circles and puffiness; shea butter nourishes and regenerates; Ginkgo extract soothes irritations; avocado and coconut oils moisturise and soften. ▪ reduces symptoms of fatigue and aging ▪ gives your eyes back their lost glow ▪ developed for the delicate skin around the eye contours ▪ restores skin’s elasticity


    Men are no exception to wrinkles around this delicate area and products that are used early on in life will significantly benefit the skin around the eyes and help to reduce the signs of ageing.

    Moisturiser is an essential product for everyone to have as this will keep the skin hydrated, looking brighter and will help keep the complexion clear and protected.

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    Try to find one that is suitable for your skin type, especially if you suffer with oily skin.

    Some may not be suitable and may make the skin more oily so shop accordingly. Using the right one will benefit and improve the skin, with better skin texture, fewer breakouts and will make the skin less oily, contrary to belief.

    Skin care products for men


    Applying a moisturiser after shaving is definitely a product to reach for and by applying morning and evening will keep it looking refreshed and youthful. We all strive for youth as we get older!


    Products available for men

    With so many products available for men to use for their skin care, there isn’t any right or wrong products to choose from.

    Take a look at the different ranges of what is available from these different companies.


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