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Home fragrance mist

Along with candles for the home, another product that has gained popularity recently is home fragrance mist. Air fresheners have been around for many years and are still on the market today, but more people are moving towards a more modern approach. When it comes to making the home smell fresh and clean, every homeowner reaches for the can of air freshener, hidden in the kitchen cupboard.

Fragrance mist

They did what they were meant to do, but they would often leave a coating of spray across the furniture due to their heaviness. If you do have allergies, these sprays felt toxic when they hit the back of the throat after being sprayed. The trick was to spray the room frantically and then run out or close the door behind you!

Home fragrance mist
The well-known style of canned air freshener that every home has


Creating a home atmosphere with a mist

These days, there are more delicate and kinder sprays on the market. Ones that give off a mist as opposed to a full-blown white foam of spray that the old-style air fresheners produce. As the years moved on, so did the design of air fresheners. Shops and supermarkets started to sell plug-in air fresheners and automatic spray holders.

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Plug-ins work well

Febreze products have been popular for many years and come in a variety of scents. However, after a while, you could no longer smell the fragrance until you left the house and returned sometime later. Then came along the automatic refill containers.

Some were programmed to automatically activate every time someone walked past, which seemed like a good idea unless you walked too close or passed by too often. Some had a switch that you could set to how you wanted it to spray the room. A much better idea when you can adjust the timing of the spray.

Either way, they were a good choice, although often a pricier option and required batteries to work.

Fragrance mist

Nowadays, we see a rise in the popularity of fragrance mists. Many companies sell them, and they have become a better alternative to canned air fresheners.


Of course, modern sprays with unique fragrances come at a cost, more expensive than the old-style cans of air freshener. Somehow, they seem to last longer, perhaps because we are more careful with how much we spray.

Or perhaps the latest trend in room fragrances is more concentrated, eliminating the need to spray half a bottle for just one room. Pet owners and smokers would surely be grateful for this.


Air freshener and room fragrance

So, what makes a fragrance mist different from an air freshener? Home fragrance mists are low-concentration perfume. They offer a great alternative to infuse any room with a delicate fragrance.

It’s also a safe option for candle lovers who need to be mindful of when they light the wick. Having pets and small children around the home isn’t an ideal setting for your favourite candle to burn.

Room fragrances provide a quick solution to refresh the room, perhaps after cooking or to eliminate pet odours. We can all clean to the best of our ability, but there’s something wonderful about having a clean home that also smells divine. It’s also a great alternative if you only want a hint of scent rather than a stronger fragrance from a candle.


Candle scents in the home

Candle scents are stronger and linger longer, but you can’t carry one around like a small bottle of your favourite mist. With the handy travel sprays available inexpensively in many shops, it’s simple to decant a small amount into a spray bottle and pop it into your handbag.

As the perfume market has evolved, we see companies selling fragrance mists in the same scent as your designer perfume. Not only do you smell gorgeous with your perfume spray, but your home could also exude the same scent.

Some fragrance mists on the market have additional qualities, helping to calm the senses and create a relaxing vibe. With a wide range of products available, the choice is yours.

Home fragrance mist
FM’s latest product is available online

If you’re looking for a room scent to complement your fragrance, check out our online shop. FM World has a collection of home mists that complement the home, and offer a long-lasting scent, and a soft mist. Their scents match popular fragrances in their range.

Home fragrance scent
A perfectly matched room fragrance mist to match your perfume

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