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Pet products online

When we think of pet products online, we tend to consider items like dog and cat beds, grooming brushes, or treats. There’s not a day that goes by when pet owners don’t pamper their pets. Hugs, walks, and brushing are all part of having a furry friend. So, what about other products that go beyond the usual needs of our beloved animals?

Products for pets
Dogs love to be pampered just as much as we do



Pet products online

These days, there is a much wider variety of pet care products than there used to be. From shampoo to pet treatment creams, flea treatments, and fragrances. Speaking of fragrances, this doesn’t mean spraying your dog with your favourite perfume, tempting as it may be.

There’s nothing worse than coming back from a walk with your dog, especially in the rain, and your house is left with that distinct damp dog smell.

No matter how many air fresheners we use in every room, the scent of a wet dog seems to linger. Of course, they can’t help it; it’s just how their skin and fur react when they get dampened by the weather.

Dog shampoos have been around for several years, but as a former dog owner myself (16 years ago to be exact), I remember that owning a bottle of dog shampoo was the easy part. The challenging part was getting that shampoo anywhere near the dog! Getting water on the fur alone, without getting soaked in the process, was challenging enough.

The bathroom floor started to resemble the local swimming pool more than just your everyday washroom!


Shampoo products for pets

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Being in the perfume industry, I then came across a wonderful website called They have a selection of unique products for our beloved dogs, and being a dog lover myself, I had to take a look.

Products for pets
Soap-free shampoo that is kinder for dogs’ skin

Their products range from shampoos, including antiseptic medicated treatment shampoo, treatment cream, and perfume. Of course, the first thing that caught my eye was the word ‘perfume’. Perfume and pets didn’t go together. This was certainly a new one for me. Shampoos for our four-legged friends were as common as shampoo for ourselves.

When I owned a dog, we used to take him to the groomer down the road. He would love to be pampered, toenails clipped, and fur clipped so he was tidy, and he always came back smelling gorgeous. So when I came across this website, I was intrigued by what products they provide for our furry friends. They needed to be safe and non-irritant for starters.


Sensitive skin products

Dogs’ skin is very sensitive, so pet care products have evolved to include natural ingredients, avoiding any harmful substances. The shampoo, for instance, contains essential oils that contribute to coat and skin protection. Gone are the days when we used a mild shampoo that had been sitting in the bathroom cabinet for months.

This shampoo is suitable for all dog types and genders, is pH-balanced, and follows a less-is-more philosophy, requiring only a small amount for effective use.

The company also explains the importance of using specialized pet perfumes and advises against using our fragrances on our beloved pooches. Additionally, they offer insights into bathing frequency, recommending not to bathe your dog more than once every two weeks.

It’s tempting to bathe them more often, especially after a daily walk when they decide to roll in something not-so-pleasant! I remember this being a common habit of my dog many years ago, right before I was setting off for work too!

Antiseptic product range

All dogs need protection against ticks, fleas, and mites, and to keep their skin clear of dandruff or dermatitis. At Velvetalabaster they have a product to suit your pet, and they often have several discounts in place.

Products for pets
A medicated shampoo to keep your dog in tip-top condition
So, if you’re a lover of perfume and your dog’s overpowering ‘doggy’ smell is a concern, check out their website and see how your pooch will benefit from their great products.

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