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    Top ten male fragrances

    Whenever we think of fragrances, it’s often ladies perfume that springs to mind. What about the top ten male fragrances ? They’re just as popular.

    Male fragrances have seen an increase in sales over the years.

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    Top ten male fragrances
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    Male fragrances

    Even though women seem to wear perfume for any occasion, even if its just to stay at home, there has been an increase in men wearing fragrance’s over the years.

    This time of year ( Christmas ) will see the adverts on the TV advertising male scents, just as much as the ladies.

    We’ve already covered the differences between Cologne versus aftershave in a previous article.


    Top ten male fragrances
    Man can have just as many skin care and fragrances as the women


    It’s just as important to the men to have a long-lasting fragrance. Whether it’s for a business meeting or a night out on the town, men’s scents can set the tone and show off their personality.

    The men’s fragrance collection has grown and the deodorant section in the shops now has an extension of fragrances to choose from.

    Shopping for men has never been an easy task, especially when they have no idea themselves of what they actually want.


    Top ten fragrances for men
    Shopping malls are a popular place to head for a new fragrance


    Shopping for male fragrances

    Mention shopping for a new fragrance and they’ll be even more vague as you reel off the choice in fragrances.

    Do women buy what the men like in a scent or what they personally like the men to wear ?

    Somehow I feel it’s more the latter.

    Men don’t enjoy shopping at the best of times, especially when the list of new fragrances comes out and they feel obliged to try a new one just because their partner wants them to.

    It’s a different experience when women shop for a new scent.



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    They love to try several at the perfume counter, even when it always ends with them not remembering which fragrance they actually liked.

    Trying more than three can easily muddle the mind and the nose as my Duty Free perfume  post explains.

    The opposite sex are often in more of a hurry so if they had their way, they would probably choose the same one as they had last year because they like it.

    They’re not usually ones to buy their own either. Birthdays and Christmas are a good enough reason to buy a new fragrance as a gift.

    So which are the most popular fragrances for men?


    Top ten male fragrances  (in no official order)

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    10. Cool Water – Davidoff

    First introduced in 1988 is one of the most popular fragrances has to be Cool Water by Davidoff.

    I remember this one from several years ago as one of my purchases from the Duty -Free shop.

    As the name suggests, it has a very cool scent with notes that consist of sea water, mint, lavender, musk, cedar, jasmine, calone, rosemary, neroli, amber and tobacco.

    Almost every man (and woman ) will have heard of Cool Water. A scent that can be worn for a chilled weekend or a party.


    Top ten male fragrances
    Cool Water by Davidoff

    Top ten male fragrances

    9. Tom Ford-Noir

    A hugely popular scent full of class and sophistication with the bonus of a long-lasting scent.

    If you’re a lover of spicy fragrance notes, with saffron, black rose, patchouli, vanilla oud and floral then Noir is a favourite choice from the designer by many men.

    If you don’t want to be wearing the same as every other man, then perhaps choose something else as this one is Tom Ford’s fourth signature scent and one of his most personal fragrances yet.




    Top ten male fragrances

    Tom Ford Noir

    8. Dior -Savage

    This popular fragrance, launched in 2018, would suit both men and women and consists of woody and floral notes. Bergamot, lavender, nutmeg and vanilla.

    Being a ‘heavy’ fragrance, this one is best suited for an evening.

    Created to give fresh notes when first applied, Dior Savage offers a distinctive scent which leaves masculine, woody notes as its base.

    Top ten male fragrances

    Dior- Savage  



    Top ten male fragrances
    It’s not just aftershave fragrances that men like. Take a look at some scented candles for men here


    7. Paco Rabanne – 1 Million


    A perfect fragrance for the autumn/ winter. This creation by Paco Rabanne is very masculine and offers spicy, leather, salty, amber, citrus, mandarin, orange, rose and juniper berry notes.

    Not the most delicate of bottles to carry around but certainly a fragrance that will make you feel at the heart of winter. A great choice if you wear your fragrance to suit the seasons.


    Top ten male fragrances
    Paco Rabanne- 1 Million




    Top ten male fragrances

    6. Chanel- Bleu De Chanel


    The unforgettable and timeless fragrances of Chanel and one that is suited to all seasons. Sitting in the woody fragrance family, this scent covers just about every note. Grapefruit, lemon, ginger, jasmine, nutmeg, cedar, sandalwood, patchouli, and white musk.

    Combining such fragrance notes with fruity and woody, allows for this scent to be worn all year round. Therefore, it has become a popular choice for the men.



    Top ten male fragrances
    Chanel-Bleu De Chanel