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    When it comes to cheap perfumes, we usually look online. A place at our fingertips where there are more often than not, offers galore and sales that seem to go on forever.

    When we hear the word ‘cheap’ it often implies that something is tacky, of poor quality and not made well or the service isn’t of high quality. I’ve never been keen on using ‘cheap’ to describe a product or service. Even if it doesn’t cost much. I prefer to use ‘affordable’.

    Of course, this isn’t necessarily the case. Whilst several products on the market would fall under this umbrella, there are thousands of products out there that are of a reasonable and affordable price.

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    Cheap perfumes
    Chanel’s chance on eBay

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    Cheap perfumes
    There are always great deals with Hot Perfume when it comes to designer fragrances

    When we describe something as affordable, its perception can vary from person to person. What may be considered affordable for one individual may not necessarily hold the same affordability for someone else. Unlike the term “cheap,” which seems to constrict this spectrum of affordability, the definition of cheap itself denotes a low price, which, on its own, isn’t inherently negative.

    The association of low quality and short lifespan often accompanies the term “cheap.” However, it’s important to note that when we apply the term to perfumes, it doesn’t necessarily imply inferior quality. Instead, it indicates that the product is priced lower than some high-end fragrances. Given the significant variation in fragrance prices, labelling a perfume as cheap doesn’t inherently speak to its overall quality. The affordability of a fragrance is subjective and depends on individual preferences and budget constraints.

    Cheap perfumes
    Designer perfumes don’t have to cost a fortune Coco Noir on eBay 

    Expensive perfumes often boast a higher concentration of perfume oil. For instance, FM Cosmetics offers concentrated perfume oil ranging from 20% to 30% in their bottles. The ability to incorporate a higher percentage of perfume oil is attributed to their streamlined packaging, the absence of celebrity endorsements, and the omission of television advertisements. These factors significantly contribute to the elevated prices associated with designer and celebrity fragrances.

    It’s crucial to take into account the type of fragrance being purchased—whether it’s a true perfume, an Eau de Toilette, or a body spray. Each category varies not only in concentration but also in longevity and overall intensity. Understanding these distinctions helps consumers make informed choices based on their preferences and desired fragrance experience.


    Fake or genuine when it comes to cheap perfume?

    More commonly, inexpensive perfumes are often linked to open market stalls, reminiscent of the Del Boy’s of the market trade, attempting to peddle imitation perfumes. These bottles often mimic the packaging of well-known designers, offering a slightly reduced price.

    Unbeknownst to the unsuspecting shopper, the revelation occurs when they return home to experience the fragrance, only to discover an unpleasant scent reminiscent of the kitchen bin, and a colour matching that of yesterday’s dishwater! Caution is warranted when buying fragrances from markets, as these offerings are frequently replicas or counterfeits of designer fragrances.

    They often look identical but there will be small clues to suggest that a perfume is fake. Depending on which brands are being copied, here are some of the common hidden tell-tale signs that we need to look out for.

    1. The label should be centred on the bottle.

    2. Genuine perfume will be a clear liquid, devoid of any floating debris or cloudiness in appearance.

    3. Many designers ensure that their lids are asymmetrical compared to the rest of the bottle.

    4. Check the bottom of the bottle for any spelling mistakes or printing errors. Counterfeit bottles often have attached labels instead of printed writing.

    5. Examine the nozzle; for instance, Chanel No.5 has no cap on its nozzle.

    6. Genuine fragrances feature seamless plastic wrapping and paperboard designed to protect the bottle.

    7. The bottles should have a smooth finish with no rough edges or contours.

    8. They often exhibit the top note, which is the first scent we perceive.

    9. Cheaper perfumes are generally sweeter and are aimed at a younger demographic who may not have the budget for an expensive brand.

    10. Fake perfumes can still sell well as they may replicate the top notes and, in some cases, the middle notes if you’re fortunate.

    Cheap perfumes
    Be vigilant when purchasing genuine perfumes online

    Sometimes, a perfume is labelled as cheap due to special offers on a particular fragrance. This designation does not imply that the fragrance itself is of low quality or inferior; rather, it signifies that there are discounts or promotions available for the product.

    This distinction is important, as it clarifies that the reduced price is a result of a promotional opportunity rather than an inherent characteristic of the fragrance being of lower quality.

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    Wording is everything

    If you encounter a site advertising ‘half-price perfumes,’ it suggests that the fragrances are available at a reduced cost. The wording implies that while they are more affordable, the quality of the fragrance remains high. This creates the perception that you can still enjoy designer fragrances without the hefty price tag, potentially leading to significant savings.

    Many online shops specialize in providing designer fragrances at more accessible prices, as their mission is to offer top-tier perfumes without the traditional high cost. The online model allows for reduced prices since these shops don’t have the overhead expenses associated with physical stores or the need to cover in-store personnel costs.

    Platforms like eBay often feature designer scents at lower prices for similar reasons. With no middleman, bulk purchasing capabilities, and third-party sellers, they can offer competitive prices.

    However, when buying perfumes from platforms like eBay, it’s essential to ensure you’re purchasing directly from reputable sources to guarantee authenticity. Reading reviews can provide valuable insights. While every store may have some dissatisfied customers, examining reviews can help you identify any recurring issues and make an informed decision, ultimately trusting your judgment in the purchase process.


    Affiliate Disclosure

    When you click on links to various merchants on this site and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission. Affiliate programs and affiliations include, but are not limited to, the eBay Partner Network.

    Designer perfumes on eBay

    If you prefer shopping in town and visiting a perfume store on the high street, you’ll often find that the prices are higher. This is because the shop owner incurs various operational costs. They must cover the rent for their physical store, compensate members of staff who assist you with your purchase and manage expenses like heating and hot water bills during the shop’s operating hours.

    These additional costs contribute to the overall pricing structure, making the products relatively more expensive compared to online alternatives or stores with lower overheads.

    Try a sample before you buy

    Places like FM Cosmetics often provide perfume samples, allowing customers to try them before making a purchase. This is an excellent way to select the perfect fragrance and assess its longevity.

    If a fragrance doesn’t last as long as expected, it could be an indication of a counterfeit product. Therefore, it’s crucial to exercise caution when making a purchase. Consider factors such as the strength of the product, whether it’s an Eau de Toilette (EDT) or perfume, and take note of the fragrance notes it contains.

    Understanding these elements can help you make an informed decision and ensure the authenticity and quality of the fragrance you choose.

    Other tips to check your perfume is genuine

    The most reliable method to discern whether you have a fake fragrance is not solely relying on the top notes when you first spray it. While the initial spray may give the impression of authenticity, it’s crucial to let the fragrance settle on your skin for a few hours.

    Authentic perfumes transform scent after the initial application, so it’s valuable information to consider when purchasing a fragrance. By allowing time for the fragrance notes to evolve, you can more accurately assess the genuineness of the perfume.

    Cheap perfumes
    It can be hard to tell the difference between genuine and fake fragrances

    This is another reason to buy a sample first. Take it home, apply it to your wrist, and let the scent settle after 4 hours or so. This will allow the notes to meld with your skin and provide an accurate representation of the perfume you have chosen. It’s a great tip for any fragrance you decide to purchase. The base notes are the last scent you and everyone around you will perceive, so they must complement not only your nose but also your skin.

    Happy shopping!”

    Need any help with finding the perfect fragrance? Feel free to message me with any queries or add a comment below.