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    Hoover fragrances were never heard of when I was young. Even though the vacuum cleaner was always being used, I never remember it smelling of a fragrance.


    Always lifting my feet up so that my mum could hoover underneath. We had a dog too, who didn’t particularly malt its fur but the vacuum was still on regularly to eliminate the smallest amount of pet hair.

    As an adult, I now see the need so much more for plugging in the electrical item. A feeling of completeness that the house was clean.

    Carpet freshener

    Back in the 1970s, I remember there was a product in the shops called Shake ‘N’ Vac.

    A carpet powder that you shook all over the floor and left it to soak in for a few minutes before hoovering it up.

    With a very catchy song to its advert and the lady dancing with the vacuum cleaner as she cleaned the carpet, the TV advert was a huge hit alone and ended up being a top selling product to have in the kitchen cupboard.

    Perhaps the only downside being that it was very powdery so you had to make sure that every bit of power was hoovered up if you had pets or small children playing on the carpet.

    This product left the room with a lovely fragrance and it would be used maybe once a week to keep the carpet and the room smelling fresh.

    Affordable even back then and now comes in several scents to choose from.

    Whilst we can use candles, fragrance sticks and incense burners to give the home a scented fragrance, what about the vacuum cleaner itself ?

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    Hoover fragrances on eBay

    Hoover fragrances



    It’s all very well having the rooms in the home smelling lovely, but if the vacuum cleaner smells stale from household odours such as old food crumbs from the floor or pet hair that’s been hoovered up on a daily basis, it really can start to smell horrid.

    As soon as you switch on a stale smelling hoover, the whole room smells stale and once it lingers, there’s no getting rid of it.


    Fast forward 30 years and we now see a whole new product for making the room smell fresh and clean.

    Hoover filter pads are full of fragrance which sits in the dust bag, by the filter and not only keeps the vacuum cleaner smelling fresh, it also leaves a wonderful scent in every room that you clean.

    The benefits of using hoover fragrances

    • Long lasting- depending on where you purchase, you can get a good 8-12 weeks fragrance from a vacuum filter scent
    • Affordable-  FM Cosmetics sell a pack of 2 for £4.90. They even have packs that smell similar to the designer fragrances so your vacuum can smell just as gorgeous as you.
    • Safe for any brand of hoover- any make or model of vacuum cleaner that has a dust bag can use a vacuum fragrance.


    Unless you have a vacuum cleaner which you can wash the base out regularly such as a Dyson which doesn’t have a filter bag, then a fragrance pad really is the way forward to keeping your home and vacuum smelling fresh and odour free.

    Typically, you will get an instant burst of fragrance as soon as you switch on the vacuum cleaner so you know that it’s doing the job.

    If you are a lover of fragrances when it comes to perfume and would like a matching scent for your vacuum cleaner, pop along to our online shop where we have a selection of twin pack filters to choose from.

    Hoover fragrances
    One of FM Cosmetics hoover fragrances with a scent inspired by Angel-Thierry Muglar


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