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Exfoliating foot peel review

We often forget about treating our feet as part of a daily skincare routine but it’s just as important to look after our feet.


What better way to take care of our skin than with a foot peeling mask.

Exfoliating foot peel
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Forgotten feet

Our feet spend so much time in socks and closed in shoes throughout the winter and cooler months, that we often forget to treat our feet.

It’s not until we are home from work, jump in the shower and notice the dry skin forming on the heels and around the big toe.

Both are common parts of the foot to suffer the most dryness.

If you leave the skin on the heels for too long when they are so very dry, this can lead to cracked skin and trust me, this is very painful if it gets that far. Prevention is definitely better than cure.

Our feet are important

No one sees our feet during the winter and maybe that’s one of the reasons why we don’t bother to look after them as much as we do, say our hands.

Many of us will be on our feet for a good while during the day when working.

They do take the brunt of most things from being squashed into shoes or boots that are perhaps a little too tight to being the main part of our body that allows us to stand up for long periods of time.

Showers and baths will of course clean the skin on our feet but as soon as summer arrives, we suddenly realise that our feet have been neglected as we see the dry and hard skin starting to form.

Exfoliating foot peel
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Footwear and varnish

Countless sandals, sliders and other footwear for the hot weather come out of the wardrobe.

We’re excited to wear open toe shoes as the weather gets warmer, only to find that our feet are not looking as elegant and moisturised as we expected.

There will be many women like myself who paint their toenails all year round.

Some who only paint their nails during the summer, when they are wearing the appropriate footwear to show a summer colour off.

We do tend to look after the parts of our body that are on show most of the time such as our face and hands.

A skincare routine is essential in keeping the skin looking healthy, moisturised and hydrated.

When our hands are on show we are very much aware of how they look, whatever job we may be in.

Don’t forget your feet

We can wash and moisturise them and use a pumice stone to remove excess dead skin cells which do work to a degree.

Often the extra bit of care gets forgotten about as it all takes time and it’s often not classed as essential as our hands and face that people will see all the time.

The skin does need to be prepped before using a pumice stone to get the best results, so usually after a bath or shower when the skin is soft enough to remove gently.


A pumice stone will wear down each time it is used and the best way to use them is when they are wet.

This will help the stone to glide across the calloused skin. Soaking your feet in warm water also prepped the skin and softens it to make it easier.

Pumice stones are very affordable and commonly used.

There is nothing wrong with using this method to soften the hard skin on your feet but you will notice that it will need to be carried out regularly to keep the skin soft and subtle.

Using an exfoliating foot peel

What are the benefits of using an exfoliating foot peel?

There are so many brands on the market today, similar to face sheets, that it can be difficult to know which one to purchase.

I have previously read reviews regarding the foot peel by FM World so I was keen to give it a try.

When this little package is opened, it reveals two liquid sachets and two sock bags.

The liquid is poured into the separate sock bags, one for each foot.

Exfoliating foot peel
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Any nail polish needs to be removed prior to using the exfoliating foot peel and with clean, dry feet, insert them into the bags.

There is a sticky label to tape the bag snugly around the ankle for a secure fit.

It advises to wear the bags for 60 to 90 minutes.

A great excuse to sit, relax and watch TV or read a book.

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After the time has passed, remove your feet from the bags and rinse off the remaining liquid with water and pat dry.

It takes between 4 to 7 days for the exfoliation to commence and will last for the subsequent 3 to 5 days.

Exfoliating foot peel
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Having used this for the first time a few months ago, my skin felt wonderfully soft even before the exfoliating began.

It gave me the chance to sit quietly as I wasn’t able to walk around with liquid bags on my feet and it felt very therapeutic being pampered at home.

This product contains AHA/BHA acids which perfectly regenerate damaged epidermis.

With a rich of complex natural ingredients, urea and allantion, it additionally moisturises. Just what our feet need.


Exfoliating foot peel
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■ The foot peel effectively removes calluses

■ Contain extracts of honey, opuntia, pear, passion fruit, lemon, grape and pineapple

■ The peel leaves the feet feeling perfectly smooth.

■ Recommended to use once a month.

It’s a wonderful vision to watch the dead skin peeling away from your feet and gives a sense that a product is doing what it says it will do.

When the peeling process had finished, my feet felt very smooth and hydrated.

It gave me back the confidence to wear sandals again.

With the added dash of colour to my toe nails, it felt wonderful to show off my feet, knowing that I no longer felt embarrassed about the dry skin on my heels and toes.

In between using the exfoliating foot peel, I would recommend applying a body moisturiser to the feet at night.

I recommend our Complete Care Ultra Moisturising Foot Cream

Exfoliating foot peel
This cream strongly moisturises even the driest skin. Thanks to its softening and smoothing ingredients, it is a  perfect accessory in your skin care routine for cracked heels. If used systematically, it reduces the thickened epidermis. ♦ with a high urea content ♦ with nourishing beeswax, shea butter and macadamia oil ♦ makes foot skin soft and supple again



This product will aid in keeping the skin soft and supple in between treatments and costs £10.50

Exfoliating foot peel

Price : £13 available to buy from FM World

the video here

My rating
: 10 out of 10!


Definitely the best foot peel that I have ever tried and one that I will definitely use again.

So much more effective than a pumice stone and a great way to bring the salon pamper experience to your home at an affordable price.

If you would like to find out more or have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.

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  • Jenny Hennig

    I have never tried a foot peel before, but I am definitely intrigued after reading your review.

    I soak and scrub my feet weekly using a pumice stone to get the dead skin off.  This makes my feet look good in the summer, but in the winter I find my feet are still rough and dry.  I think this foot peel would be great for me to try.  I am wondering if it is one-time use only, or is there enough liquid to use it multiple times?

    • Louise Allen

      Hi Jenny,

      It’s good that you are already looking after your feet. I agree, winter time can still leave feet feeling and looking very dry with rough skin and sometimes the pumice stone can be hard work!

      There certainly wouldn’t be any harm in only using one of the sachets of liquid in both feet bags. I’ve never tried it myself to know how much liquid would be distributed but as long as you keep your feet flat on the floor to allow the liquid to cover all areas of the feet, I would definitely give this a try.

      Please feel free to keep me updated if you do decide to try one.

      Thanks for reading,


  • Dana

    The feet may very well be one of the most over-worked parts of the body that is the least appreciated. We put heavy demands on our feet to carry our weight all day long and for those wearing high heels, that´s even more burdensome.

    You are right, the changing weather puts additional demands on our feet. In winter my feet seem very dry. I do try to maintain my feet´s health by regular foot baths and massages. Of course, moisturizer is of utmost importance.

    I think your recommendation of Complete Care by Federico Mahora sounds very interesting. It seems to be a solution for extremely dry feet.

    • Louise Allen

      Hi Dana,

      You’re right, we do put a huge amount of stress on our feet and sadly they can get forgotten about.

      Pleased to hear you are using moisturiser. That’s definitely a must.

      The foot peel is a wonderful product and one that I try to use regularly when I can. We also do a peel for hands.

      Thanks for stopping by and reading my article


  • rena251

    Hello there,

    I like the topic. It’s very simple yet very important. As mentioned, usually we tend to forget to take care of our feet as long as they are covered or not shown off. I enjoyed reading all the advice and suggestions for products described on the website.

    I used once a product but after 15 minutes with my feet in the bag, I felt them getting so warm that I could not take it anymore although on the instructions there was no mention of side effects, and the product was made of natural material and not chemicals but still, now I fear these products and prefer to go to the traditional warm water tub with a bit of sea salt. Can you please advise if such problems happened to anyone who used the product you promote and if there are any side effects whatsoever when using it?

    Thanks and regards,


    • Louise Allen

      Hi Rena,

      Thank you for stopping by and taking time to read my article. I can imagine you are very cautious using such products after having side effects. 

      Our foot peel has shown no side effects from anyone who has used it, including myself and several of my hairdressing customers. In fact, it’s very cooling on the skin and the skin feels wonderful after. 

      I love the ‘peel’ effect that happens after a few days. It really gives a sense that the product is doing what it should be doing.

      Please feel free to try this one. It’s a very popular product.

      Kind regards,  


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