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    Cruelty – free perfume brands

    When we come across cruelty -free perfume brands, it’s no wonder our eyes light up.

    Any product in the beauty industry that is cruelty free deserves a thumbs up.

    One of the reasons for joining FM cosmetics as a distributor is because of their passion for making sure that their fragrances are cruelty free.

    In fact, all of their products are cruelty-free.

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    Why are cruelty free perfumes so important?




    As an animal lover, when they feel pain, we feel it too.

    Humans and animals have the given right to be treated with kindness, compassion and respect.

    They have as much right to be in this world as everyone else.

    Whilst there is no proven scientific studies that cruelty -free products are better for our skin, they are certainly better for how they make us feel inside.

    Knowing that we aren’t supporting such experiments can only be a good thing.

    Compassion is surely our number one priority in such a damaging world that we see today.

    We are given the choice with everything we purchase.

    Of course, it certainly makes us feel happier and kinder when we know we are purchasing products that haven’t made any animal suffer intentionally.



    Cruelty- free perfume brands
    We care about our animals just as much as you do



    Animal testing has been frowned upon for quite some years now.

    With a frightening estimation of over 192 million animals in one year alone, used for the purpose of testing products.

    When we look at the suffering caused by doing such tests on animals, it’s no wonder that things had to change and for the better.

    Sadly, animal testing remains legal in many countries such as China and America.

    Fortunately, there are many countries that have banned such testing, including the UK, Australia and India.

    The beauty industry has certainly faced a lot of pressure over the years to reduce the amount of animal testing that is carried out.

    Why has there been animal testing ?

    Before products can be sold to the public, animal testing has been practice for safely reasons before they reach our stores.

    Cosmetics, perfume and even cleaning products have before now been tested on animals.

    Fortunately over the years, technology has become more advanced and animal testing has become outdated and a cruel way of testing if a product is safe.