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    Scented candles

    Who doesn’t love scented candles? Every house had one in some form. They came in all shapes and sizes and were an accessory in most homes.

    A popular decoration during the 1980s and the big shift in interest began in the 1990s.

    Over the decades we’ve used candles for many occasions and almost every household will have a candle of some kind.

    Once upon a time they were solely used as a source of light. Easy to carry around from room to room and provided an easy solution for lighting up the room.

    These days, they have become more of a decorative item in our rooms, more so than providing light.


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    Tea lights

    Tea light candles were popular at Christmas, placed in the middle of the table as a center piece and were more often than not, non scented.

    The trend to have the best Tea light holders began and every shop seemed to sell an array of T light holders.

    Scented candles started their popularity, coming in all shapes and sizes. They become more creative in shapes and colours too.

    Every home seemed to have at least one candle. Placed in a precise place as a feature for all to see.

    Some candles looked so nice and were a bit on the pricey side so those would just sit in the room as a decoration.

    They didn’t ever get lit if they were expensive to purchase.

    It almost seemed a waste of money to buy a candle and burn it. After all, once it’s burnt down it was no longer of any use.

    The last dregs were thrown away and another candle replaced it.






    Some would keep the candles and never light them. This also seemed like a waste. Sitting on the beside unit or on the dining room table, brand new and never touched.

    People did this because they had bought the candle purely to have it sitting on show. Either way, both seemed to be a waste.

    Scented candles for the home

    Along came the scented candles and these were a whole new world when it came to decoration.

    What was once just an item for the home that we would purchase at Christmas or as a gift for someone’s birthday, they soon became a big thing.

    Having a scented candle meant that it was worth lighting every night.

    A gorgeous aroma of fragrance filled the room and there was a purpose for lighting it.

    There was still a bit of a guilty feeling when they were lit, even though they did make the room smell lovely.


    Affiliate disclosure

    This page contains affiliate links. Should you click on a link and make a purchase, I may receive compensation. 


    It was like money being burnt but in a pretty and decorate way.


    Whenever we shop online for candles, it’s fair to say that there are hundreds of places where we can purchase them from.

    We see a candle that catches our eye on the internet.

    So what makes a good purchase when it comes to scented candles ?