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    Perfumes and cosmetics

    Perfumes and cosmetics have always gone together. Wearing a favourite fragrance makes both men and women feel good. Wearing cosmetics gives women extra confidence with the bonus of complimenting an outfit.

    Of course, there are always days that neither is required, such as during the several lockdowns in 2020 to this year when many of us were working from home.

    The only people to see were those of immediate family living in the same house or work colleagues on the other side of a computer screen during a Zoom call.

    Even then there was the bonus that we could switch the camera so that we had a glamorous profile photo to show off instead of the reality.

    Wearing Pyjamas, hair tied up, no make-up or perfume on for the women seemed to be a bonus. Days that we didn’t feel like we’d had to make the effort to look good.

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    No need to look your best when there is no visit to the office or seeing customers.

    Perfumes and cosmetics
    2020-2021 saw many people working from home

    Men get away with far more when it comes to appearances. They wake up looking just the same as they went to bed. Perhaps the hair is slightly dishevelled but overall, they don’t feel the need to ‘glam up’ for the sake of a conference call.

    The truth behind why women wear make-up

    Perfumes and cosmetics
    A woman’s cosmetics bag can contain a huge selection of products for day and night wear

    Women have been wearing make-up for many years and around 44 per cent of American women won’t be seen leaving their homes without make-up on.

    So what are the two primary reasons why women wear make-up?

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    Concealment/ camouflage

    Even if women don’t apply a full face of make-up such as eye shadow or lip gloss, many will reach for the foundation to cover up any imperfections. This alone will give more confidence and ‘hide’ any insecurities that women may have about their appearance.

    Just a dab around the eyes to conceal the dark shadows that many women have as they get older will have the same effect.


    Women are constantly aiming to be prettier, more glamorous and more confident. The media plays a huge part in this when we see models, pop stars and actors looking glam on screen. Some even feel that they have to keep such appearances off-screen when out shopping.

    Others will disguise themselves with hats and sunglasses to blend in with the public. Some will walk out bare-faced regardless of getting photographed and that shows true confidence and an attitude that they are confident in their appearance.

    I find this particularly powerful and true statement to all women out there. We really can be confident on the outside if we can change our mindset and be confident within.

    From a young age, women are taught that to be successful in their relationships, and careers and build friendships, they need to look pretty.

    School-age children often compare themselves to others and see the popular girls in class gaining more attention from the boys because they are prettier.

    Once old enough to wear makeup then give these girls the confidence they feel they need as they grow into women.

    Young children are often experimenting with mum’s make-up. Wearing a lip gloss or blusher to copy what their mum is wearing.

    Attractive women are treated differently and more in favour when it comes to success in jobs and relationships, as unfair as this seems.

    Features that we notice first in men and women

    The first feature that we notice in others is the eyes. Whilst men have little choice when it comes to making their eyes stand out, women have and do take full advantage of the selection of products on offer to make their eyes ‘pop’.


    Perfumes and cosmetics
    Eye shadow brings a whole new dimension to a woman’s eyes

    Another feature is the lips. Women tend to have darker lips naturally as well as the skin around the eyes.

    Lipstick/lip gloss is a great product for making the lips bigger and more seductive. Red lipstick is known to make women appear more attractive to men.

    Perfumes and cosmetics
    Red has often been seen as a seductive colour when it comes to lipstick

    Adding a complimentary shade to the lips can make a huge difference and some women feel that just wearing a lip colour is enough to be able to step out of the house.

    Perfumes and cosmetics
    The latest colours of lipgloss from FM 2022 have beautiful depth, a magical wand to apply easily and a long-lasting colour on the lips

    Men will notice eyes and lips first and are drawn to these features so women will often enhance those for this reason. The foundation is by far the top cosmetic product that women will use first. Even if no other cosmetic is worn, just hiding any imperfections, helps to even out the skin tone or cover imperfections, which makes a huge difference in confidence.

    Perfumes and cosmetics
    A selection of FM cosmetics foundations suitable for all skin types

    Adding a pink-based blusher will also give the appearance of younger-looking skin as it gives a similar look to the natural glow that we have. Eye shadow, mascara and eyeliner can help maximize your natural eye colour as well as make the eyes look larger and more evenly shaped. Be careful wearing too heavy or too dark a colour as this can make the eyes look smaller and aged.

    When it comes to make-up, less is most definitely more. We’ve all fallen into the trap of constantly applying a bit throughout the day to the point when we have too much.

    Good lighting at home is essential in making a huge difference. There is nothing worse than leaving the house and catching yourself in the rearview mirror in the daylight and seeing what we thought was a subtle amount has been overloaded.

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    Once we have applied make-up and a spritz of our favourite fragrance, we are ready to face the world.

    Do you have any questions regarding cosmetics or perfume? Drop a comment below or get in touch.