• mineral make up

    Mineral based cosmetics

    Women find themselves spending a fair amount of money on fragrances so why not spend the same on mineral based cosmetics ?


    There are many benefits to wearing mineral make up and with the damage that everyday life can play on our skin, it’s definitely the way forward.

    Mineral based cosmetics


    The weather, summer or winter, has a huge impact on the skin. Drying it out if we’re in the sun for long periods and making it feel tight and irritated through lack of moisture.


    Having the heating on during the winter months can also take out essential oils from the skin.

    Men and women are constantly spending money on skin care products to help with the damage done by the weather and our day to day surroundings.

    When I first began working with FM World, a perfume and cosmetics company, I was often asked by the women if our make up was mineral based.

    Why do we look for such in our cosmetics?

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    Well, mineral make up started around the early 1970s, by a lady called Diane Richardson Ranger.

    She began creating her own body products even though she had no experience of making her own.

    She was enthusiastic nevertheless and pushed forward to eventually opening up her own body care boutique based in Northern California.

    Diane saw the potential and need for natural body care products and so she created make up that was free from perfumes, alcohol, dyes, emulsifiers and mineral oil.

    We all look for cosmetics that are kind to our skin and still give the same results as traditional cosmetics.


    Whilst the price tag will essentially be higher for mineral based cosmetics, it’s a similar scenario when we purchase perfume. We get what we pay for.

    The benefits of mineral based cosmetics

    The ingredients are safe and can be used on those with sensitive skin. Those who perhaps have troublesome skin such as acne or dermatitis are often looking for a more gentle alternative.


    Mineral based cosmetics contain Ingert ( a type of gas that does not undergo chemical reactions).

    Ingert gases are generally used to avoid unwanted chemical reactions from degrading and are bacteria free so they won’t expire.


    The effective ingredients found in mineral make up will help the skin to heal, protect and soothe.

    By using natural ingredients, this keeps the cosmetics free of irritating chemicals such as fragrances, waxes, synthetics, gluten and parabens. ( These are preservatives that are widely used in cosmetics ).

    The importance of having a glowing complexion and a natural look is important to women.

    So by using mineral make up, the ingredients will promote much healthier skin and are less likely to clog the pores.