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    Recycle candles into wax melts

    We are very much into recycling many household items these days and recycling candles into wax melts is a great way to re-purpose leftover candle wax and reduce waste.

    We all like to do our bit for the environment so by being creative and reusing candle wax, we not only find ourselves a new hobby but we can also re-produce another popular home item to enjoy.

    Candles are bought for many occasions and we often find that certain types of candles burn unevenly to leave a lot of leftover wax around the sides of the container. I have had many a candle that has ‘tunnelled’ and the leftover wax along with its container has been thrown away.

    You can use your creativity and re-use any candle jars you have at home by reading my article: reusing candle jars.

    Wax melts have gained popularity over the years so let’s take a look at why.

    Recycle candles into wax melts

    Scented Ambiance

    Wax melts are known for their ability to create a pleasant and inviting atmosphere. I love to walk into my client’s homes and smell a candle that’s been burning as well as others commenting on the scent in my own house.

    Wax melts release aromatic fragrances when melted, filling the space with delightful scents.

    This can enhance the mood, create a relaxing ambience, or add a touch of luxury to any room. They’re also good for eliminating pet and food smells.


    Compared to traditional candles that are lit, wax melts are considered a safer option because they don’t have an open flame.

    They are typically used with electric or tea light wax warmers, which provide a controlled heat source for melting the wax. This eliminates the risk of fire hazards, making them a popular choice, especially for those who have pets and small children.

    I use the tea light options as I find the flame relaxing to watch when it’s nearby.

    Easy to Use

    Wax melts are convenient to use. They come in small, compact shapes or cubes that are easy to handle and store. Place a wax melt or two into a wax warmer, turn it on, and wait for the fragrance to fill the air.

    Alternatively, light a tea light candle and watch the wax melt. There’s no need to worry about trimming wicks or cleaning up melted wax.

    Variety of Scents

    There is a wide option of scents available online at places such as eBay as well as here at FM World. Whether you prefer floral, fruity, woody, or seasonal fragrances, there is a wax melt available to suit your taste. At FM there are also options for buying wax melts to match your favourite perfume.

    recycle candles into wax melts
    Pure Home 18 wax melts
    Recycle candles into wax melts
    Pure Home 413 wax melts
    Recycle candles into wax melts
    Pure Home 472 wax melts
    Recycle candles into wax melts
    Pure Home 900 wax melts
    Recycle candles into wax melts
    Pure Home Lemongrass wax melts
    Recycle candles into wax melts
    Pure Home White Sandalwood wax melts


    Wax melts have a longer lifespan compared to traditional candles. I was very surprised by how long they lasted. I have only used 3 or 4 cubes so far from my pack. Each wax melt can provide hours of fragrance before it needs to be replaced.

    This makes them more cost-effective in the long run since you can enjoy the scent for an extended period without having to frequently purchase new melts.

    Recycle candles into wax melts
    FM World Pure Home wax melts
    Recycle candles into wax melts
    Tea light wax melt holder


    Another reason for their popularity is the ability to mix and match different wax melts. Many people enjoy creating their unique scents by combining multiple melts in their wax warmers.

    This is such a great idea for those who wish to be creative and want to personalise their individual preferences.

    Decorative Appeal

    Wax melts often come in attractive designs and colours, making them visually pleasing. Some people enjoy displaying the wax melts themselves as decorative items even when they are not in use.

    Items required for recycling candles into wax melts


    Used candles or candle wax remnants

    Double boiler or a heatproof container and a saucepan

    Wax melt moulds or silicone ice cube trays

    Wickless candle wicks (optional)

    Fragrance oils or essential oils (optional)

    Stirring utensil (metal spoon or wooden stick)

    Wax paper or parchment paper

    Preparing the candle wax

    Start by collecting used candles or candle wax remnants from ant existing candle or wax melt containers. Remove any metal wicks, labels, or debris from the wax.

    If you have different coloured or scented candle wax, you can combine them to create unique wax melts as we have mentioned earlier. Otherwise, you can use one type of wax for a consistent fragrance.

    Melt the wax

    Set up a double boiler (if you have one) by filling a saucepan halfway with water and placing a heatproof container on top. Alternatively, you can use a heatproof container directly on low heat. Be careful not to overheat as this could burn the wax.

    Break the candle wax into small pieces or you can use a cheese grater to shred it. This will speed up the melting time and will help to melt it evenly.

    Place the wax pieces or shreds into the top container of the double boiler or the heatproof container. Slowly heat the water or container until the wax has melted completely, making sure you stir occasionally.

    Add fragrance

    This is optional if you wish to add your desired scent and fragrance oils or essential oils can be added to your melted wax for scented wax melts. Follow the recommended usage rates provided by the oil manufacturer for the best results.

    Stir the fragrance/essential oil into the melted wax thoroughly to ensure there is an even distribution.

    Pour the melted wax

    Prepare your wax melt moulds or silicone ice cube trays. Place them on a flat, heat-resistant surface. If you’re using candle wicks, place them in the centre of each mould.

    Slowly pour the melted wax into the moulds, filling them up to a safe level. Be careful not to overfill as this will prevent any spillages and also make it easier to remove the wax melts at a later stage.

    If you’re not using wickless candle wicks, you can pour the melted wax directly into the moulds without any additional preparation.

    Allow the wax melts to cool and solidify

    Let the wax melts sit undisturbed for several hours or until they have completely cooled and solidified. The time needed will depend on the size and thickness of your creations.

    Remove the wax melts

    Once the wax melts have hardened, gently pop them out of the moulds. If they don’t come out easily, you can place the moulds in the freezer for a short while to make removal easier.

    Store and use your homemade wax melts

    Place the wax melts in a container or storage bag, ensuring they are tightly sealed to retain their fragrance.

    To use the wax melts, simply place one or more in a wax melt warmer or an electric wax warmer, following the instructions provided with the device and enjoy the beautiful scents and ambiance created by YOU!

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    Another option is to purchase a starter kit that will contain all the items you need to make your wax melts.

    Starter kits on eBay 

    Of course, making your wax melts takes time so if you want to purchase ones already made, there are plenty of options there too.

    55 Wax Melt Mould Hearts Silicone Chocolate Mold Baking Jelly Ice Cube Tray DIY

    Recycle candles into wax melts

    Fragrance Oil 10ml Candle Soap Wax Melts Making Burner Diffuser Oils Vegan

    Recycle candles into wax melts

    Wax Melt Oil Burner Warmer Plug-In Ceramic Lamp Night Light Electric Aroma

    Recycle candles into wax melts

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    Wax melts from Colonialcandle.com

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    Mother’s Day gifts

    Mothering Sunday falls on 10th March 2024 here in the UK, and we offer a selection of Mother’s Day gifts to cater to all the mums out there.

    Why do we celebrate Mother’s Day?

    Around the world, many countries will observe Mother’s Day. A day dedicated to showing appreciation for all the remarkable things mothers do. It’s a celebration of the emotional bonds and the essense of motherhood.Without our mothers, we wouldn’t be here today./div>
    Even before a child is born, the connection that a mother has to her unborn child is unlike any other. We have already started building the incredible bond way before the baby has arrived in the world.
    Dating back to the 16th century, Mothering Sunday began its story as a Catholic and Protestant Christian holiday. People would visit their ‘mother’ church, a church where they were baptized or attended when they were growing up. This was known as Laetare Sunday. The fourth Sunday of Lent.
    Possibly the only day in the year when families could get together and children would stop off on their way to church to pick flowers and make beautiful bouquets for their mothers.
    Mother’s Day gifts
    A traditional gift for mothers is a beautiful bunch of flowers.
    This soon became a tradition and a way of giving gifts. Such an iconic day seemed to fade out through the 20th century until the 1950s.
    Businesses and wholesale trades saw a gap in the market and began the huge lucrative trading opportunity that we see today. A way of making money from such an iconic event. There are places around the world such as Canada, New Zealand and Mexico that celebrate Mother’s Day on Sunday 10th May,soquite some time after the UK celebrate.Children would make presents to give to their mothers.

    Perfume and beauty resources

    A day to show appreciation

    Whatever date Mother’s Day is held around the world, the day symbolizes the same thing – to show mothers how much they are appreciated. Of course, every day should be a day to show mothers how much we appreciate them and what they do.
    Mothers’s Day gifts
    Having a special day to celebrate has very much become a tradition like many yearly events, such as Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day and Easter Sunday.

    Mother’s Day gifts

    Everyone loves to spoil their mum. After all, she is the one who has brought us into the world and along with our dads, she has given us the life skills that we need as adults.

    There is no shortage of ideas for treating mums on such a special day. Traditionally, flowers are purchased.

    Let’s discover some additional gift ideas that our mothers will undoubtedly treasure.


    Perfume can be a difficult gift to buy someone, but when it comes to family, most of us know what type of fragrance our mum wears. If not, a sneak inside the wardrobe to check out what bottles she has on the shelf will answer the question.

    Mother’s Day gifts
    Most women will love perfume as a gift

    Why choose to buy perfume for a gift?

    Perfume has always been a great gift to give someone as a personal item, and we often wait for a bottle to be bought as a gift or a visit to the Duty-Free shop rather than purchasing it for ourselves.

    Fragrances can be costly, so here are some alternatives to designer labels.

    Read about FM

    Wax melts

    Another great gift for Mum is a wax melt burner with perfumed cubes. These items make a lovely gift, and if you are looking for a room scent that contains a long-lasting fragrance, wax melts are the perfect option. Safe to use, elegant and affordable.

    Mother’s Day gifts
    Our wax melts are available in 7 different scents

    Pillow mist spray

    New mothers never get enough sleep. I remember the days all too well! Sometimes falling asleep can take forever, even when you feel exhausted from lack of shut-eye.

    A gentle spritz of a pillow mist can help relax the mind, switch off from the day as you breathe in the calming fragrance notes and drift off for a peaceful night’s sleep.

    Scented candles

    So many households have scented candles these days as they are so popular. They can help you relax at the end of a long day, and give a wonderful atmosphere to any room when they are lit.

    With so many candles to choose from, we are spoilt for choice. If your mum likes a particular scent, we have matching candles to bring any room to life.

    Room fragrance sticks

    These make a lovely gift when candles are not an option or if mum prefers a delicate room scent without the naked flame.

    Placed in any room in the house, the fragrance sticks come in three scented fragrances for women and three unisex scents. Perfect for any room in the house.

    They have a long-lasting fragrance of up to 70 days and are contained in an elegant design to suit any home.

    Solid perfume

    Solid perfumes have gained immense popularity as an excellent substitute for sprays. They offer a convenient travel solution, eliminating concerns about spills or liquid limitations during customs checks. Additionally, they are suitable for those who find spray perfumes overpowering or have skin sensitivities to liquid fragrances.

    Mother’s Day gifts
    Solid perfume has become a popular choice of late

    Wardrobe fragrances

    Every wardrobe will benefit from a hanging wardrobe fragrance. Fresh-smelling clothes that leave a hint of fragrance in the air whilst hanging up and a fresh smell as you open the door.
    With a convenient handle to hang on the clothing rail in between your clothes, these fragrances will last around 3 months before needing to be replaced.
    Take a look at our review

    Body balm

    Everyone can make use of a body lotion and a scented one is even better. Our skin is prone to dryness during the summer with the high temperatures as well as in the winter when the temperature drops outside and we have the heating on indoors. It’s good practice to moisturise after a bath or shower as the hot water can dry the skin as well.

    An added benefit of having moisturized skin is that your perfume/ cologne will last much longer too. Skin preparation has so many benefits.

    Shower gel

    Every mum deserves a shower gel to make her skin feel soft, moisturised and revitalised after a long day. Cooking, household chores and family errands can leave the skin feeling tight and dry.

    Foot peel

    Mums spend lots of time on their feet, so what better way to treat her than with an exfoliating foot peel? This clever product helps to regenerate damaged epidermis and moisturises and rebuild the skin. It effectively removes calluses and contains extracts of honey, pear, passion, lemon, fruit, pineapple, grape and opuntia.

    If she uses it once a month, Mum will notice beautifully soft skin and summer-ready feet for the warmer season.

    Mother’s Day gifts
    Complete Care foot peel

    Would you like advice on what to buy for your mum to make her feel special? I would love to hear from you.

    Want to see the range of products we have to spoil your mum on Mother’s Day?

    Please look at our online brochure, designed with gifts to make her feel special.

    ScentBox.com is a unique designer fragrance subscription box service. Customers get a 30-day supply of designer fragrance for only $14.95. Each month, the company will choose from over 750 designer fragrances and deliver the products directly to the door in our signature keepsake box.

  • Reviews,  Scented wax melts

    Scented wax melts review

    Scented wax melts review

    It wasn’t until the early part of last year (2021) that I came across scented wax melts. What a wonderful alternative to candles! They are elegant, simple to use, and instantly create a cosy atmosphere.

    Scented wax melts reviews
    FM 413 wax melts. A great gift for the home with a choice of scents to choose from

    These wax burners are quick and easy to use, and with so many stylish holders available, I knew I had found a great purchase.

    Many of us currently use scented candles to give off a pleasant fragrance or reed diffusers that work similarly but without a naked flame. They are long-lasting and provide an instant fragrance to fill the home.

    Candles used to be very popular during the winter, especially around Christmas time, but we are now seeing more and more homes having scented candles lit throughout the summer too. Even our gardens have enjoyed a naked flame while we sit and watch the sun go down.

    Wax melts are a fairly new concept and product on the market. They were first created as a way of using up excess wax left over by candle makers, making them a great way to reuse leftover wax. Despite this innovation, candles have been around for thousands of years and remain popular today.

    How to make your wax melts at home 

    Why are wax melts so popular?

    Wax melts have gained popularity for several reasons. One of the main factors is the variety of attractive wax burners available on the market, allowing people to choose designs that complement their home decor. Additionally, the process of melting wax in these burners is visually appealing and soothing to watch as the wax slowly liquefies under the flame. This process not only releases a pleasant fragrance into the room but also adds an element of relaxation and ambience to the environment.

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    Wax melts holder with saucer candle holder on eBay

    You bring up an important safety consideration. While plug-in wax burners are generally safer than those using open flames like tea light candles, it’s crucial to be cautious when using any type of wax melt burner, especially in homes with young children or pets.

    The liquid wax can become very hot and may pose a risk if accidentally knocked over. Placing the burner in a secure and stable location is essential to minimise the risk of accidents. Additionally, keeping it out of reach of children and pets is advisable to ensure their safety.

    Wax melts are indeed known for their cost-effectiveness and longevity compared to traditional candles. It’s impressive to hear that a single set of four cubes has lasted you over two months, especially when used for six hours daily.

    This demonstrates how a little goes a long way with wax melts, making them a great choice for those looking to enjoy continuous fragrance in their home without frequently replacing them.

    Adjusting the number of cubes used to achieve the desired level of scent intensity is a convenient feature for users who prefer stronger or milder fragrances in their living spaces. Wax melts are a great way to fragrance the home for a long period, without overpowering the room.

    Scented wax melts reviews
    There are some very elegant wax melt holders available online

    The portability and ease of use of wax melts certainly add to their appeal. Their versatility allows you to switch fragrances easily, making it convenient for those who enjoy a variety of scents throughout the year or when travelling. Their relaxation and therapeutic benefits, similar to traditional candles, are a significant draw for many people.

    The wide variety of styles and fragrances available on the market ensures that there’s a wax melt option to cater to the diverse preferences of consumers. Everyone loves the smell of clean, crisp and a scent of freshness in the home.

    Benefits of using wax melts

    Lemon is a very versatile scent that instantly lifts our spirits, makes the home feel clean and gives us a kick start to the day.

    Pine is a reminder of the Christmas season, with its woody and fresh smell and is a great scent for those who need a little pick-me-up as it helps to lower depression and stress. Something I’m sure many of us could use from time to time!

    Vanilla This is one of those scents I feel that you either love or hate. Whilst some will enjoy its sweet, warm and sugary scent, others will find it too sickly. A positive benefit of using vanilla is its ability to uplift and bring joy and relaxation.

     Lavender is possibly one of the most popular fragrances as it has a very delicate floral scent that is very subtle and has huge healing properties. For those who suffer from anxiety, depression, disturbed sleeping patterns or fatigue, a touch of lavender can make a huge difference. A very popular scent that is used in aromatherapy and added to essential oils.

    Scented wax melts reviews
    Most homes these days have a fragrance in some form or another.

    There’s nothing quite like sitting at your desk on a winter’s evening, with a gentle scent of fragrance filling the room and the flicker of candlelight to create a cosy atmosphere. If you are feeling creative, you can take small portions from a couple of different fragrance cubes and combine them to create your unique scent.

    Apart from using them for your enjoyment, wax melts can also make a lovely gift for someone.

    The burners, whether you choose a plug-in or the tea light candle style, can be purchased from places like eBay.

    If it is just the wax melts that you are purchasing, these can be bought from several places online and it’s good to know that FM Cosmetics also has a selection of wax melts that match some of your favourite fragrances.

    FM wax melts

    These delightful home ritual wax melts come in a box of 25 cubes and are available in seven different scents.

    Scented wax melts reviews
    FM wax melts have become very popular since they came onto the market earlier this year
    • Lemongrass
    • White Sandalwood
    • FM 900 ( inspired by Tom Ford- Lost Cherry)
    • FM 910 ( inspired by Baccarat Rouge 540)
    • FM 472 ( inspired by Aventus Creed)
    • FM 18 ( Inspired by Coco Mademoiselle – Chanel )
    • FM 413 ( inspired by La Vie Est Belle- Lancôme )

    I have FM 413 burning in my home. It’s a beautiful, delicate scent that helps me relax. We also have the same fragrance available in 50ml perfume bottle sprays, so you can carry your favourite scent to work or into town.

    FM 900 and FM910 are unisex so are perfect for the home or office. You can purchase your box here.

    Price £22 per box. This works out at just 88 pence per cube and with each cube lasting for several weeks, they are affordable!

    Box size 75g

    My rating: is 10 out of 10.

    A must-have for every home!

    Check out eBay too for their selection of wax melts.

  • fragrances,  Scented wax melts

    Scented wax melts

    Who doesn’t love scented wax melts? When it comes to filling the home with fragrances, there are so many options to choose from.

    Candles, fragrance sticks, canned air fresheners, and incense burners—all offer a variety of choices. It all comes down to personal preference when selecting the right scent product for an individual. But what exactly are scented wax melts? Wax melts are small pieces of scented wax. Many are available on the market today, and some are even hand-made, allowing you to purchase unique ones for a special gift.


    Scented wax melts

    Working with a perfume company has introduced a range of new products to our business. The latest addition is wax melts inspired by your favourite fragrances. Enjoying a delightful scent in your home can become a regular occurrence, especially for pet owners or smokers.

    Stale smells, including those from food, often linger longer than desired in our homes. This prompts many of us to reach for air fresheners, light a candle, or place reed diffusers around our homes to emanate a delicate scent

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    Perfume and beauty resources

    What do we need to use wax melts?

    • A tea light candle
    • A wax melts burner eBay
    • Wax melts of your choice
    Scented wax melts

    Wax melts can offer a more budget-friendly alternative to candles. They often have a longer lifespan than candles, and as they melt in the burner, they release a delightful fragrance that lingers in the room.

    Wax melts absorb heat more slowly than candles, preventing the fragrance from burning or overheating, making them a safer option for the environment.

    However, like any lit fragrance, including candles or reed diffusers, wax melts should not be left unattended. Some varieties require a tea light candle to melt the wax, and the resulting liquid can be at a very high temperature, posing a risk of burning the skin or damaging surfaces.

    If you have pets or small children, exercise caution when using wax melts. Fragrance sticks may be a safer option if you tend to forget whether they are lit. Alternatively, you can opt for a plug-in wax melt for added safety.

    Affiliate Disclosure

    When you click on links to various merchants on this site and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission. Affiliate programs and affiliations include, but are not limited to, the eBay Partner Network.

    Take a look at some wax melt burners on eBay 

    Scented wax melts

    There’s a comforting and cosy ambience in a home when using wax melts that release a pleasant aroma. It’s advisable to steer clear of inexpensive wax melts containing paraffin, especially for those with asthma or lung issues.

    Big companies often use paraffin wax due to its cost-effectiveness in mass production. However, burning paraffin fills the air with potentially toxic chemicals, making it a less desirable option. Additionally, there may be a noticeable strong wax smell when it’s burning.

    Opting for candles and wax melts made with natural wax is a more environmentally friendly choice. Although they may come at a higher price, they burn slower and last much longer. This makes them a worthwhile investment. If you’ve ever experienced a back massage at a health and fitness retreat, you might have noticed the popularity of wax melts—they create a serene atmosphere, enhancing relaxation.

    Benefits of using wax melts over candles

    • Wax melts are long-lasting
    • Safe to use
    • Longer burning time
    • Safer for the home and environment
    • Leave a delicate fragrance
    • Elegant and stylish in any room
    • No black soot on the walls or furniture
    • Set the mood for a relaxing evening
    • Help with mediation
    • Leaves a wonderfully smelling perfume within the home


    Infuse the interior of your home with a delightful scent. Thanks to unique fragrance compositions, spending time at home becomes even more enjoyable. Our wax melts are crafted from eco-friendly raw materials of the highest quality, benefiting not just your household members but also the environment.

    Scented wax melts

    If you’d like to see a list of the wax melt scents that FM Cosmetics sells, then please contact us or comment below.

    Scented wax melts
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